A Good Day to Die Hard

Yesterday really was A Good Day to Die Hard. It was a salve for those of us with V-Day fatigue to sit in the theatre and wait for John McClane to utter yippie kay yay…well you know the rest. Caution to those who haven’t seen the movie, this review will have spoilers, so you might want to mark the page, run out and see the movie and then check back with me after. I wouldn’t want to deprive you of the fun of discovering it for yourself.

A Good Day to Die Hard finds Bruce Willis’ John McClane on his way to Russia, to support (or possibly rescue) his son who is in trouble again and has been out of touch for a few years. As it turns out, McClane manages to screw up his son’s mission – that’s right, mission – to rescue Komarov and thus embroils himself in another blockbuster mission that’s not really his problem, but there’s no one else to step up to the plate. What follows (after the WAY too long car chase scene) is the two McClane men, father and son, doing what they do best: taking out scum bags. This time it’s the Russians playing the part of the bad guys and it’s up to the dynamic McClane duo to save the day before the Russian baddies can get away with weapons-grade nuke materials.

At 1 hr 37 mins, it’s considerably shorter than the first Die Hard (which clocked in at 2 hours plus) but during that hour and a half, it’s non-stop. And after that hour and a half of action-packed entertainment, I could come up with only two complaints. One is the aforementioned overly long car chase and the other is McClane the younger. If they had shortened the car chase/gratuitous vehicle destruction scene at the beginning, they could have afforded a better actor. I’m not saying a Die Hard film requires an Oscar contender, but someone who has more to offer than biceps would have improved the tenor of the movie immeasurably.

In the end, A Good Day to Die Hard, like all movies in the series is about good triumphing over evil and this time in addition to kicking some bad guy ass, John McClane and son repair their relationship amid the veritable hail of gunfire and multiple explosions we expect and love about these movies. All that family reunion cost them were a few cuts, scrapes and a concussion or two. The movie manages to avoid getting too sappy as the men bond in a suitably “manly” fashion but you still get the heart warming feel of it – if you’re watching for it.

While the original Die Hard (1988) and 2007’s Live Free or Die Hard remain my favourites due in large part to villains Alan Rickman and Timothy Olyphant respectively, A Good Day to Die Hard is still a lot better than the worst of the series, Die Hard: With a Vengeance and in my estimation, totally worth your $12 to see it in on the big screen.


And that’s my yippie kay yay 2¢ for today.


~ by leslies2cents on February 15, 2013.

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