The Following Series Premiere

Did you watch Fox’s new drama The Following last night? I did. And despite compelling performances by series stars Kevin Bacon and James Purefoy, I’m not sure I’ll continue to watch the show. I was just thinking to myself that I had the same feeling I had about Prison Break when it opened (that it had a fresh angle and had a shot at being really great because of that) but at approximately 9:12 pm local time I found myself exclaiming at the TV. Spoiler alert – the crazy Joe Carroll (Purefoy) fan with writing all over her body declaimed Poe’s last words and stuck some kind of pick into her eye, committing suicide in a very graphic way. Unnecessarily graphic if you ask me. They could have gotten their point across and managed the visuals in a way that was less…icky. I was hoping that would be the last of the really gross stuff, but it wasn’t. A few minutes later I was crying for some tortured to death puppies another crazed fan had killed when I had a couple of years scared off my life when the poor Sheppard on the table was still alive. I abhor animal violence, even when it’s faked. I can’t even handle when horses fall down in movies even though I know they’re fine.

We’re now about 20 minutes in and by this point, all I’ve really gotten from the story is that the guy escaped from death row and the FBI brought back the guy that caught him (Kevin Bacon playing the part of a psychologically damaged former agent), most of which I got from the previews. I can’t help thinking the writers are going for shock value over story. A mistake when you’ve got actors of the caliber of Bacon and Purefoy. (By the way writers, you are truly twisted.) The violence isn’t what’s putting me off; I’ve enjoyed a lot of the procedural “cop” shows, of varying levels of violence over the years, but something about The Following is turning me off rather than pulling me in. I haven’t decided if it’s the train wreck you can’t help watching or if I’ll be able to resist the pull of The Following. I guess only time will tell.


And that’s my disturbed 2¢ for today.


~ by leslies2cents on January 22, 2013.

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