Don’t ask me why it took reading The Gods of Atlantis to make me realize how much I like fusion (be it cuisine or books) but it suddenly dawned on me as I was drafting this review. Thanks to the pile of books on my nightstand it was almost a year in between my first David Gibbins book, The Mask of Troy and my second, but The Gods of Atlantis made it easy for me to pick up the threads of the characters lives again, which really appealed to me. I quite enjoy that sense of continuity once I’ve made a connection to characters. The Gods of Atlantis is a well-told story of what might have happened when naturalistic and anthropomorphic religions/worship clashed. It’s a story that will fascinate you even as you race through the pages on the edge of your seat, unable to wait to find out what adventures Howard and his IMU companions will have and what they will discover on their never-ending quest for answers.

It’s no coincidence the word Atlantis was in the title either. Much like Ancient Rome or Camelot, it’s a topic that never fails to catch my interest. (No I haven’t read Gibbin’s Atlantis yet, but it’s on my list, you can be sure of that, especially since it’s the prequel to The Gods of Atlantis.)

Gibbins fuses the myth of Atlantis with the myth of Noah and the flood and the actions of the Nazis during WWII. It’s fascinating the way his mind manages to take what we’ve established as historical fact and combine it with rumours and imagination to come out with a piece of fiction that is at once believable and entertaining. I got so excited reading Gibbin’s description of Jack Howard scuba diving at Atlantis that I’ve put “learn to scuba dive” back on my bucket list because the conclusion that if Atlantis existed and is to be found it will be underwater, seems so logical (not to mention obvious) that I want to be prepared if it’s ever discovered and turned into a tourist attraction like Stonehenge.

Join Jack Howard and company on this journey to uncover the truth about Atlantis – or at least one possible explanation for it – its connections to history and to discover some of the truth behind the mystery surrounding Himmler’s Ahnenerbe and the last days of WWII. And once you’ve done that, be sure to come back and let me know what you thought of The Gods of Atlantis.


And that’s my 2¢ for today.



~ by leslies2cents on January 7, 2013.

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