THE SEVEN WONDERS by Steven Saylor

The Seven Wonders is the latest novel of Steven Saylor’s Gordianus the Finder series. It tells the Finder’s origins and I read it with the same enraptured attention I’ve read each and everyone one of Gordianus’ adventures. A great read!

In my years of reading about Gordianus and sharing his adventures, I’ve experience his life side-by-side with him from the height of his manhood through the birth of his daughter, adoption of two sons and into his old age. After reading the last Gordianus book I was somewhat depressed and saddened (because of what happened to the characters). But I was impressed with Saylor’s skill as a writer in weaving such a touching tale. At the end of The Seven Wonders I felt something completely different: hope. Hope for more Gordianus novels and hope for the man (fictional though he is) himself and the life he has ahead of him.

The Seven Wonders is truly the beginning of Gordianus in every sense possible and is a story told with an appreciation and respect for the ancient world that is apparent to all who read it. He masterfully recreates wonders we shall never see because they no longer exist. The Library at Alexandria in particular is a wonder I would give much to see. Thanks to Saylor, though I will never see it personally, I did visit it with Gordianus. Through Saylor’s words, I traveled back in time and saw them all. It’s a gift for which the reader can never repay the author.

As Gordianus and his old tutor travelled the world from one wonder to the next, mystery, intrigue, murder and adventure are their constant companions. If you take away the trappings of the ancient world, you’re still left with an entertaining coming of age tale. Read it and let me know what you think.

If you liked The Seven Wonders, be sure to check out Roma and Empire, Saylor’s tale of Rome told through generations of the same families and spanning a thousand years of the Eternal City’s history. I hope this review holds you for a while. I’ve been studying for a major certification exam, which I take next month, so please be patient faithful readers. I’ll have more frequent posts after my exam.


And that’s my 2¢ for today.

~ by leslies2cents on October 10, 2012.

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