NCIS Lost Angeles Season 4 Premiere

Callen arrested for publicly assassinating the Chameleon and Hetty resigned once again. That’s where NCIS Los Angeles ended last season. Now Callen has been released from jail and Hetty has apparently disappeared. Why is Callen pushing his partner away? Hopefully just for the audience that Sam is now confronting, no wait, scratch that, beating up.

Hetty can’t have tried too hard to disappear…Granger just found her. Oh. My. God! I love the hand on the hip Hetty, it’s hysterical. And Granger, you’re such a dumb ass! You led someone to Hetty that clearly is not a fan (judging by the gun on his seat).

Is Sam spying on Callen or protecting his six? We are definitely supposed to be wondering. I’m going to go with the latter because I know my team. Alright, now Sam found Hetty too, was it a way to get messages between her and Callen? I’m thinking so because in the next scene, Callen and Hetty meet up in a little bar. Hetty is followed by Viseri and a bad guy from her past. Callen makes a deal with them, but a deal with the devil only ever works out for the devil.

The bad guys have the briefcase and we’re supposed to believe that the usb is still in there. Deeks might look like the careless surfer type, but he’d never just leave the briefcase behind orders or not. The bad guys are idiotic if they fall for it.

There’s definitely something going on here that we don’t know…shit! Christopher Lambert (aka the Chameleon) is alive. Were only Sam, Granger and Callen in on it? That’s going to cause some bruised feelings – oh, nope, the whole team is in on it.

Will Hetty kill Kadem? I think she just might if an opportunity presents itself.

Check mate. That’s the kind of sass that makes NCIS LA so watchable.

Right on schedule Hetty returns to claim her desk, her tea set and her team. Why do they do that?

Why do they feel the need to explain things so that even the couch-sitting dummies everywhere get catered to while the intelligent among us get a tic of irritation? Grr. Anyway, we’re off to a fine start and I can’t wait to see what season for of NCIS Los Angeles is going to bring us.

One last post for today, Criminal Minds, coming up soon.


~ by leslies2cents on September 26, 2012.

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