Hawaii Five-O Season 3 Premiere

It you’re anything like me, you’ve been waiting since the season 2 finale to meet McGarrett’s mom and to see if Chin can save his wife and Kono.

I’m not surprised to see that Chin went for the wife first. Kono is a surfer, she’s good in the water so she probably has more time…and we learn later that Chin does what he can by calling Adam, Kono’s mob-adjacent sometimes boyfriend (played by the delicious Ian Anthony Dale) to save her while he goes for his wife. Unfortunately, the paramedics aren’t able to save her. Not the most auspicious start for the Five-O team.

McGarrett’s mom was a spy. I’m not gonna lie, that’s both expected and a little disappointing – I hate it when I can guess the direction that easily. I’m also not crazy about the choice of actress. Nothing wrong with Christine Lahti, I just can’t see her as McGarrett’s mom.

Wo Fat might be on his way to a supermax, but we didn’t need the commercial previews to know he won’t make it there. The only mystery is who breaks him out. Gotta say, that was a clever way to break a guy out of police custody. Rescued by Delano. I guess we shouldn’t be surprised, you know what they say about the enemy of my enemy.

Lahti, as McGarrett’s mom is growing on me (as she gives it to Danno).

McGarrett and Chin are pissed. Wo Fat and Delano are pissed. Who are you betting on? The two soulless criminals out for revenge or the ex-Seal and newly made widower out for vengeance? If I were Wo Fat and Delano, I wouldn’t like my chances.

Who are all those people and why were they killed? Ah, Delano and his guys needed their Ids so they can steal 30 million in meth. Five-O is just a bit too slow to catch them before the truck takes off, but that’s ok because it gives us a chance to see a dramatic shoot out with civilians in the crossfire. I could swear Kono’s car was a victim, but she’s driving it home later, so I guess not.

Chin killed Delano; can’t blame him. Wo Fat is in the wind, but what’s this, the guy Kono shot (I think it was the same one who pushed her into the water) is still breathing and knows where Wo Fat is.

Don’t go outside Cat – doesn’t matter, Wo Fat is already in the house anyway. That’s right navy girl, you kick his ass!

Three shots fired from only a few feet apart and neither Wo Fat nor McGarrett’s mom hit each other? I smell something fishy.

Look at Chin’s face when he comes home – Daniel Dae Kim puts on a strong performance, managing to look completely heartbroken.

McGarrett is losing his mom again, to protect her. There’s lots of places to go from here and it looks like season 3 is going to be as explosive as we’ve come to expect from Hawaii Five-O. And not that I need to mention it, but Alex O-Loughlin appears to be in fine form.

I knew it! Didn’t I tell you something was kinky with the shooting! Didn’t I? But what? Guess we’ll hall just have to watch the rest of the season to see if the Five-O team can figure it out.

Tuesday night is Criminal Minds (on their new night), NCIS and NCIS: Los Angeles. I will do my utmost to park myself on the couch tonight (at the expense of studying for my big exam in November) and update you tomorrow on each.


And that’s my 2¢ for today.

~ by leslies2cents on September 25, 2012.

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