Castle Season 5 Premiere

I just have to say that season premiere week started off strong last night. Come back later to see my quick reviews of How I Met Your Mother and 2 Broke Girls and after that, an in-depth look at the Hawaii –Five-O season 3 premiere. In case you didn’t watch the season finale of Castle, click here to read that review before continuing on because last night’s episode literally picks up the morning after.

I was just about to say that Castle and Beckett the morning after are yummy when…Castle’s mom comes home unexpectedly and Castle starts acting like a teenager caught in the act – he even makes Beckett hide in the closet before sneaking out. It’s completely in line with the characters though.

Poor Ryan, toiling away without his partner.

Tahmoh Penikett makes a gorgeous villain no? I think it’s the eyes. With that guy, everything, passion, determination, ruthless cold-blooded murder, it’s all in the eyes.

There we go, the team just added 2 & 2 to realize that 4 means re-banding; but will they be able to save Mr. Smith in time? Will Beckett finally, after four seasons, get answers about her mother’s murder?

Oh Esposito, don’t rejoin the army; the team is gonna need you. Ok…not what I expected. I started to think he was doing something sketchy – and he is, but in a good way. To help Beckett.

The team saved Mr. Smith, but not in time to save the file. Don’t worry though because there’s another copy.

I may be a modern woman and can take care of myself, but Nathan Fillion’s Castle wanting to save Beckett (played by Canadian, Stana Katic) is super hot.

I was wondering when Penikett’s Maddox would return. And the answer is just in time to thwart our heroes. Oh but wait, rescued by Esposito is good. I’m literally biting my nails here as they rush to beat Maddox to the punch….ouch! Sorry you got blown up Tahmoh. But you have to admit, your black ops baddie couldn’t have expected a kinder ending.

All those bits of paper are the world’s most difficult puzzle – it would take a team of experts weeks to get anything useful out of that.

The team is so close I’m back to nail biting. So the big baddie that’s hunting down Beckett is a Senator? The guy would have been in university 30 years ago. Isn’t there another layer here? Ok, apparently not. The guy just looks really young but 30 years ago he was a DA who got wind of what Montgomery and the others were doing in the 80s (the same thing Beckett’s mom figured out which is what got her killed).

Ah Smith, you would have lived longer if you had just agreed to do the right thing.

Beckett really is the ultimate hero (always thinking of others before herself). She just bought the safety of everyone she loves at the expense of getting justice for her mother.

I don’t know about you, but I’ll be watching Castle all through the season (or adding it to my PVR schedule when I figure out how to use it) after this fantastic start.


I would say that’s my 2¢ for today, but we’re not quite there yet, so tune in again later. I’ll be posting throughout the day whenever I get the chance.

~ by leslies2cents on September 25, 2012.

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