Day One on the TTC

Since I moved back to the GTA, I’ve been commuting to work and it’s been a killer…somewhere between 3 and 5 hours out of my day, every day. This past weekend, I moved into the city, gave up my car and am now a transit girl. This morning was my first morning taking transit to work. Now I’ve taken the subway from time to time, but that’s it, so I was a little nervous this morning. Here’s how my first day went.

It’s a five minute walk (ok, maybe seven since I’m in heels) from my apartment to the subway station. I tossed my token in, picked up a transfer for the bus and headed down the stairs. The first thing I noticed about the station is that it was clean. And I mean CLEAN. A pleasant surprise. I waited less than a minute and my train arrived. I was quite pleased by that but reminded myself not to get too excited, because this was the easy part of the trip. I got off the subway – also in a very clean station – went up the stairs and was ready to head outside and cross the major intersection to catch my bus….but I didn’t have to! At the top of the escalator I saw a sign that said my bus was this way. It come right to me! I was so excited. Again I waited less than a minute and the bus was there. I dropped my transfer in, got a seat (I commute early enough that I should always get a seat in the mornings) and five minutes later we left the station. This was the part I was really nervous about, because you don’t (or at least I don’t) know where all the stops are so I thought I’d have to be paying attention so I could request my stop at the right time. But the bus announced the next stop, so I knew when to press the button.

I got out across the street from work and voila, I was at my desk an hour after I’d gotten out of bed in the morning.

I know my commute won’t always be this easy and hassle free, but I think it’s definitely a huge improvement over driving.

And that’s my shout-out-to-the-TTC 2¢ for today.


~ by leslies2cents on September 19, 2012.

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