Rookie Blue – I Never

It’s T minus five minutes to the season 3 finale of Rookie Blue and I’m chomping at the bit because I saw Swarek say the magic words in the commercial and I need to hear him say it again (and again) and find out if he and McNally get back together.

Ollie has been staying with Swarek and he’s confronted him for being a moron for leaving McNally. I love that man; he’s so smart. And I love him even more for being awkward when that blond hit on him.

This new Detective Luke that we’ve seen this season, harder, scruffier and a not-so-great dresser? I’m not sure I’ll ever get down with him. He did offer Nash a place on the task force if she wants it though.

Diaz is adjusting to being a daddy and Epstein is predictably jealous.

An escaping felon beats up McNally and makes off with her phone. That is the Rookie Blue season finale case. Oh, and in case you didn’t recognize him, it’s John Grey, who was in an episode earlier this year. After kidnapping and holding a little girl for seven years he was caught by 15 Division.

Going into the house is a rookie move McNally…why are there so many commercials tonight?

Peck is going to Italy? Wait, did she just say to Collins that the two of them are “amazing” out loud? Did she just let him show her affection in public again? Talk about the twilight zone.

Grey has taken another little girl hostage and wants to trade her for the girl he really wants. Thanks to his cellmate, he is well armed and has money.

They found Alice (the girl he kept for seven years) and she’s fine; she’d just snuck out to a movie with friends.

McNally found the other little girl, who has a grenade taped around her hand. Don’t worry though; no one gets blown up yet. Instead Grey shows up and takes McNally away with a gun (her own if I’m not mistaken) pointed at her head.

Why are criminals dumb enough to think the police will give them what they want? Have they never watched a single movie or episode of a crime drama?

Here it comes! I love you Andy.

I don’t blame her for not saying it back right away, I mean she is standing there holding a bomb and there’s always the fear (now that the bomb has been safely taken care of) that Swarek will take it back now that McNally’s life is no longer in danger. Do you think he’ll take it back or let it stand? I hope he doesn’t take it back.

Will Nash take the spot on the task force? Apparently she’d have to go away (undercover) for quite a while. Oops, she hesitated and Detective Luke chose for her. He chose family for her and he’s obviously really regretting screwing up with McNally.

Diaz has applied to the Timmons PD and intends to leave with Denise, the mother of his “son”. He hasn’t told Epstein either – who just overheard Diaz asking Ollie for a recommendation to help him get into Timmons.

Ok, did you hear Swarek’s take-me-back speech? I would take him back in a second. I teared up for crying out loud! (That’s not saying much since I seem to be the one who always cries first in a movie.) But will it be enough for McNally to take him back?

You piece of shit Detective Luke! Isn’t it enough that you cheated on her, now you’ve got to give McNally the opportunity to run away from taking another chance on her and Swarek? We are fighting.

McNally has accepted. She can’t tell anyone and she has to go tonight. It’s the exact same situation that happened to Swarek and McNally before; only it’s reversed as to who is gone and who is left behind without a word.

Swarek is sitting alone in the Penny, waiting for a McNally that will not be coming. He’s not alone for long though, because Peck, who just got her job back (with a pay cut and demotion back to rookie), came in looking for Collins and is now drinking with Swarek while she waits.

Collins isn’t coming either though. He’s partnering with McNally. His oh-so-passionate kiss in the station makes so much more sense now. He thought Peck was leaving so he decided to leave too rather than be there without her.

Cut back to Swarek at the bar who closes his eyes in pain when he realizes McNally isn’t coming….that sound you’re hearing is my heart breaking. That’s a wrap for Rookie Blue until next summer folks.


And that’s my 2¢ for today.


~ by leslies2cents on September 7, 2012.

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  1. Can I clone your article to my blog? Thank you.

    • If you mean this post in particular, we are happy to have our thoughts used, so long as we are given credit. If you mean the WordPress theme, it along with dozens of others are available free.

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