Rookie Blue – Every Man

This week’s case on Rookie Blue: blood on the floor and a rookie’s job is on the line. Talk about starting off with a question!

What’s with McNally? She’s acting all weird? Oh wait…I saw it in a commercial. I won’t ruin it for you though.

Diaz is in booking which is where the incident occurred and he’s also acting weird and looking pale – although this is before the incident so I wonder what it means if anything.

And the lies begin. And just as I was starting to like Peck too.

Epstein has the gall to tell Frank to mind his own business when he’s doing what he’s doing? He’s such a screw up! Wow, that was an over-reaction don’t you think Epstein? Overcompensating for getting the stuffing kicked out of you perhaps?

We have a guy in holding because Peck didn’t search him…because she didn’t have time because that pansy Epstein was whining for help. Will she face up to the music or let the lie be passed off as the truth and watch someone else take the fall?

Here’s the explanation for McNally’s earlier weirdness…Collins is falling down drunk and McNally ended up responsible for him. It’s very un-Collins of him so I’m curious to see what the reason will be.

Swarek was reassigned to Halton?! Does that mean we won’t be seeing him anymore? Does that mean he and McNally are really and truly done? Grr.

Why does Diaz have to get home? And why is he telling half truths? It’s not like him. But then Diaz is out to prove he’s more than just a pretty face. Ah, Diaz’s ex was the one asking for him at reception; she has a little boy with her she’s claiming is his.

Now what we’ve been waiting for, the actual incident. So far Diaz is doing pretty good, keeping hte guy calm and focused on him. What’s with the lights? Oh crap, poor Diaz. He went for his cell phone, which caused the guy to move out from behind his hostage and a sharpshooter – whom Diaz apparently didn’t realize was there – took out the gunman. It’s totally not Diaz’s fault, but a guy like him will blame himself every time because that’s who he is.

The SIU detective is definitely looking for someone to blame and it seems she’s zeroed in on Diaz – don’t admit responsibility on the record Diaz!

What’s this? Peck just took responsibility for her actions – but is she doing it because it’s the right thing or because Epstein pointed out once again that she’s a Peck and would likely therefore be immune to any fallout from this incident? Either way it’s a moot point, when she shows up at the Penny she reveals she’s been suspended and they’re going after her badge. The suspension I can see and perhaps a letter in her file because of what resulted from her neglect, but I’m not sure they should go after her badge. After all, there were opportunities for other officers to double check her work and it didn’t happen.

Did you see the commercial for next week – I think they just said it’s the season finale – Swarek just put his hands around McNally’s (which are holding a bomb). And that look…he hasn’t stopped loving her.

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And that’s my 2¢ for today.


~ by leslies2cents on August 31, 2012.

2 Responses to “Rookie Blue – Every Man”

  1. Diaz’s ex showing up at reception is a good reason for him being late. Telling someone that the kid you have with you is theirs would be enough to throw a curve ball in any man’s direction. With everything that he’s been through, Mills was really drilling into him. I’ve been recording the entire season on my Hopper so building up to this episode has been pretty intense. I work at Dish so I got to test the Hopper a few months ago. I think it’s fair to say that everyone regarding this incident messed up. Emotions just got the best of everyone and protocol seemed to just be blowing in the wind. Epstein definitely seemed to have some big issues going on and it was obvious that Mills was really rattling his cage. I’m excited to see what happens on the next episode.

    • It’s a good reason for him being late and emotions were definitely running high. And it only gets better with this season’s finale. Be sure to check out my post Rookie Blue – I Never and let me know what you thought of the way the wrapped up the season.

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