Rookie Blue – The Rules

Are you ready for the fallout from Swarek breaking up with Andy? I’m not, and apparently the Rookie Blue writers know that because they’re easing us into the episode by first showing us, as evidenced by Collins picking up Peck, that chivalry is not dead. It’s sweet; in fact it’s just this side of teeth ache sweet, which is the perfect amount to have female viewers everywhere swooning over Officer Collins (played by Peter Mooney). Collins in addition to being the new rookie is like the replacement for the boy-next-door persona we first saw with Detective Luke, a persona he’s shed this season in favour of a much fiercer, more controlled detective.

Speaking of Eric Johnson’s Luke Callaghan, is anyone else annoyed with Detective Luke? We finally get him back and he doesn’t want to stay with 15 Division and he’s being a jackass to Nash? I miss the old Detective Luke, even if he was too weak to say no to his ex.

It’s been a month already? A month since Swarek broke his heart and McNally’s…wow, time sure flies in TVLand.

Bad grammar! I HATE bad grammar! This week’s case starts with a priest’s van on fire and morphs to include a drive by and then you find out the priest, who was a criminal in the past, is embroiled in some kind of war with the local drug lord. We’ll have to wait to find out why.

The misguided priest said something that is very relevant to the storylines our characters are facing: Just cuz something’s damaged don’t mean you gotta throw it away. That little pearl is the truth behind Collins sticking with Peck despite her issues and is a message to Epstein, Ollie and Swarek – at least that’s the way I see it.

Update on the case. Before the priest was a priest, he had a child, Tommy, who is now part of the drug dealer’s “family” hence the war between them because the priest is trying to get the kid back.

Was that regret in Swarek’s eyes just now when McNally threw him his keys? I think it was. I hope it was. Do you think it was? It’s got to be.

Epstein and consequences. He just turns and looks at those guys like they might be lost or something. Even he can’t be that naive. Idiot. If you’ve been reading this blog for a while you know Epstein isn’t my favourite and that I have a hard time even working up some pity for him. I feel like right now what he needs is a good scolding.

Since summer’s winding down that means we’re also nearing the end of the Rookie Blue season, so keep tuning in to see what happens and if you miss an episode, check in with me on Fridays for the update – actually, tune in with me even if you did catch it – and catch the episodes online on Global TV’s Rookie Blue page. As always, I want to know your thoughts about Rookie Blue and about any of our postings.


And that’s my 2¢ for today.


~ by leslies2cents on August 24, 2012.

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