STOLEN PREY by John Sanford

I was so happy when I saw another Prey book out. As much as I’ve come to enjoy the Virgil Flowers books, Lucas Davenport is still my favourite. Sanford has done a really wonderful job growing the character of Lucas and nowhere is this more evident (for longtime readers anyway) than in Stolen Prey. I’ve been reading this series since I was a teenager and for the straight fiction genre, Sanford is far and away my favourite. Stolen Prey is perhaps his best work yet; it’s smart, fast-paced, complicated enough to be enjoyable and keep you interested but not so much as to become unbelievable, shockingly violent at times and very, very real.

Realism is actually one of Sanford’s claims to fame. I’ve never been to Minnesota nor do I have any desire to, but there’s a small part of me – the same part that wants to believe in unicorns and magic – that would not be surprised to meet Lucas Davenport on the streets of the Twin Cities. Sanford’s unstinting realism is also evident in the level of violence and destruction perpetrated by the bad guys, who just happen to be members of a Mexican drug cartel and finally, although Sanford is far from what I would call an emotional or sentimental writer (after all these are crime stories, not romances) when he does do emotion, as he did with Davenport this time out, he really nails it.

Stolen Prey is the story of stolen drug money the cartels are trying to retrieve, banks with thieves, cartel justice, corruption and crime. It’s gritty, intense and the best thing I’ve read in months.


And that is my very satisfied 2¢ for today.


~ by leslies2cents on August 22, 2012.

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