The Bourne Legacy

Next to The Dark Knight Rises, The Bourne Legacy was the movie I was most excited to see this summer. I was a little leery after hearing some of the reviews, and a little irritated because some of them were just dumb – for example I read one review which claims there’s a problem with The Bourne Legacy because they expected to see Jason Bourne given that his name is mentioned in the preview and in the title. My answer to that, the other word in the title is LEGACY. If you’re too dumb to know what that means, it’s no fault of the movie. The other complaint I heard is that Jeremy Renner’s character, Aaron Cross wasn’t given enough plot because he’s basically a junkie looking for a fix for the whole movie. My comment there: Were we watching the same movie? But I digress.

I saw The Bourne Legacy and I quite enjoyed it. I’ve seen all the three previous Bourne movies and enjoyed each of them for what they are, despite not liking Matt Damon overly much. I thought Legacy was a well thought-out extension for all that it didn’t come from the author of the books. The acting from stars Edward Norton, Rachel Weisz and of course Jeremy Renner was quality stuff. For once it seemed that there was a smart, credible, on the ball adversary for the hero (Norton) rather than one who was always two steps behind, which is what we saw in the previous three movies.

The plot was relatively straightforward: Edward Norton’s team were cleaning up a mess and that meant that assets, including Renner’s Aaron Cross, needed to die. We discover that Cross is clearly the cream of the crop and manages to survive their first attempts, showing back up on their radar only because he wants more of the drugs that are keeping his abilities supercharged so that he can staff off the radar. It’s sort of a catch 22. When Weisz’s Dr. Shearing tells him he’s already been “viraled” off one medication so that the modifications are permanent, he immediately prefers that alternative to continuing with the drug treatments. And when you discover that his former self was less than a brainiac, can you really blame him, because I can’t. From there it’s just about escaping; he’s not out for revenge.

My biggest complaint about the movie was the pace. Think about skydiving, you’re falling, falling, falling and then splat (because your parachute didn’t open). Or perhaps a street race would be a more apt analogy. Let’s try that one. You’re in a crazy race going faster and faster, when your foot is almost through the floor and you can’t get any more speed out of the car, you hit the NO5 and shoot forward at even faster speeds and then unexpectedly run out of gas and NO5 coming to a complete and almost immediate stop. It was just action, action, action and then suddenly it was over. Did they set themselves up for a sequel? Most definitely. Will there be one? I guess that remains to be seen, but I’d probably shell out the money to see it. Will the sequel feature a Bourne-Cross alliance? Doubtful given Damon’s scorn for Tony Gilroy, but one can hope I suppose.

Can we talk about Jeremy Renner for a minute? He’s definitely not good looking on the way of a Hemsworth brother or Matt Bomer, but he’s got this rugged sex appeal; there’s just something about the way he moves that tells women he knows how to handle them – oh, I’ve got it, Renner is the kind of guy you would have an affair with on vacation and save those memories to keep you warm when you’re old and decrepit – that speaks to women and yet he’s equally liked by men.

How did the movie stack up for you? Was The Bourne Legacy what you were expecting? Did you love it? Hate it? I really want to know.

And that’s my 2¢ for today.


~ by leslies2cents on August 20, 2012.

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