Inca Gold by Clive Cussler

I don’t know what it is about summer, but I always want to read adventure fiction. One of Clive Cussler’s Dirk Pitt stories fits that bill perfectly. Inca Gold is the tale of a previously undiscovered cache of Mayan artifacts including a gold chain as thick around as a large snake and takes at least ten men to carry it – or so the legend goes, but is it true? The treasure is huge monetarily, but it is priceless from an archaeological standpoint, hence the attempted murder of two archaeologists that first draws Pitt (and his faithful sidekick Al Giordino) into the story. There are competing factions, including an international thieving ring run by the children of an international jewel thief.

A white water ride from start to finish, Inca Gold is engrossing and entertaining. Watch for Cussler to make a Stan Lee-esque appearance (which he’s done before). Don’t take my word for it, pick up your copy of Inca Gold and be sure to let me know your thoughts on the book after you’ve read it.


And that’s my 2¢ for today.


~ by leslies2cents on August 15, 2012.

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