Grimm Season 2 Premiere

I was channel surfing last night and I’m glad I did because if not, I wouldn’t have known it was the season 2 premiere of Grimm aka “Bad Teeth”. CTV isn’t doing themselves or the show any favours by putting it on a Monday night, in the middle of summer, unannounced. Nevertheless, I watched it.

What kind of fairy tale creature was that thing with the teeth? Anybody? Because I have no idea. We do learn though that he is in Portland to kill Nick.

The premiere picks up right where the season finale left off, which in case you’ve forgotten or didn’t watch last season, they recap for you very early, starting with the fight where Nick meets his mom (played by Mary Elizabeth Mastrantonio). Ladies, the way he says Mom…doesn’t it just make you want to reap your arms around him? Only mom was is a Grimm (not both parents). And she was trying to lead the bad guys off in another direction while Nick’s dad and a friend of theirs escaped. She’s been trying to track down the killers ever since.

Nick’s mother claims she’s come for the coins (that caused so much trouble in the first season) but somehow I doubt it will be as simple as turning the coins over to his mother and all will be well.

Hank (Nick’s partner) is self-medicating to stay away by the looks of it. He’s still freaked out over his run-in with Monroe when he was wolfed out.

Ah, a mystery explained – sort of. The key that Nick’s aunt gave him before she died is one of seven keys, originally held by knights (Templar ones) who hid a “very powerful object” after the 4th crusade. So we get a bit of an explanation that really just leads us to a larger mystery to be solved.

Kimura, who was the one Nick and his mother were fighting, and also one of the men involved in Nick’s father’s murder is killed in jail, so they won’t get any answers from him. Too bad. Meanwhile, that fanged beastie has killed one of the FBI agents that took over the case and left the other alive long enough to have her call Nick to lure him in. The beastie, who seems to have some sort of camouflaging ability because I could swear Nick just came from where the bad guys is now coming from, has run up behind Nick with fangs bared. And that’s all folks, so I guess we’ll just have to tune in next week.

Keep coming back this week because it’ll be a post heavy one. Next up is a book review and later this week, the latest Rookie Blue.


And that’s my 2¢ for today.


~ by leslies2cents on August 14, 2012.

6 Responses to “Grimm Season 2 Premiere”

  1. I like what you had to say about last night’s episode and I’m glad Grimm is back, it’s one of the best things on TV right now. I didn’t catch it on live TV yesterday, but my Hopper whole home HD DVR from Dish automatically recorded it using the Primetime Anytime feature it has. Not only can I watch it on TV later tonight, I can even do it without having to watch commercials! Grimm is one of my favorite shows and recently I told some of my coworkers at Dish about it, and they can’t wait to watch it too. I can’t wait because how last season turned out, and this season of Grimm should be even better!

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