Rookie Blue – Out of Time

Wow, I really hope you were watching Rookie Blue last night, because if you weren’t it was a bad time to miss it.

Tonight there is only one case and everyone is on it: Peck’s abduction…for which McNally is drugged and we see the return of Detective Luke (but will he be back for more than just this one episode?). Speaking of Luke, he needs a shave. And what right does he have to look so angry? He’s the one that cheated on McNally. He also just confirmed that his reappearance is only a quick visit.

How does a piece of work like Peck get two guys like Diaz and Collins to fight over her? Sure she’s attractive, but that’s the only thing I really see in her positive column (although from time-to-time she does try to be a better person; doesn’t last long though).

Did you pick up on the clues to the kidnapper’s identity just now? The shoes and the very medical way he washed up? Not to mention he knows a little about drugs. Meanwhile, McNally and Swarek are searching for a clue on the Archer’s security footage. Will Peck be found in time? Last week’s commercial came right out and said not everyone will survive to the end credits of the episode, so who is going to die?

That quick exchange between Nash and Noelle has me a little worried. I hope I’m wrong about it.

I knew it! The minute he opened the door I knew the cabbie was the guy – it was that look of pure guilt – I didn’t even need the sight of the shoes to confirm it for me; that was just gravy. What if Peck wakes up when Detective Jerry is there? Now I see two members of 15 Division potentially in mortal danger (3 if you count Peck).

Jerry’s chances of surviving just went up because McNally and Swarek just put the pieces together and figured out that it’s got to be the cabbie….damn it, I spoke too soon. Jerry has just been stabbed in the abdomen by a doctor. If anyone knows how to deliver a mortal wound, it’s someone who knows all about anatomy. Not now commercials!

Oh, Detective Jerry you are so smart! He’s holding on by a thread and yet he managed to tackle the guy, get his phone into the guy’s pocket and tell Swarek when he and McNally arrive so that they can find the guy.

Peck is saved, the bad guy is caught and I’m currently swearing a blue streak through another set of commercials. This episode is so intense I’m surprised it’s not the season finale. How will they top this? If Jerry dies, it’ll be great fodder for Nash’s character development and leave room for Detective Luke to return permanently, but it would royally suck because I’ve just decided that I really like Jerry.

Noelle just had a girl. This means Jerry is the one that won’t make it…yep, McNally has tears in her eyes…she’s just told Nash. Wow, Enuka Okuma does broken so well I’ve just started to cry.

Out of Time might just be the best episode of Rookie Blue to date. If you missed it, do yourself a favour and catch up before next week. You can watch the episodes online at Global TV’s Rookie Blue page.


And that’s my 2¢ for today.


~ by leslies2cents on August 10, 2012.

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