Rookie Blue – Messy Houses

In tonight’s episode of Rookie Blue: Messy Houses Epstein returns to work, it’s McNally’s dad’s birthday, her mom reappears and oh yeah, Diaz has decided to be a male slut, Oliver confesses to Epstein that his marriage has collapsed…oh and there’s a case or two in there somewhere.

The Cases

A domestic disturbance call has McNally and Diaz in a standoff with a ten year-old waving a gun at them and meanwhile, Oliver and Epstein get a call for a missing person. Not long afterward, her mother shows up as the Children’s’ Services worker, and of course, the children are being removed because their father has seven guns, not just the one the kid is waving around. Guns that turn out to have been supposedly destroyed five years ago. A destruction that Detective Jerry was supposed to have witnessed but it turns out he wasn’t because he was with someone other than his wife. This part of the case Nash takes upon herself and thus makes sure Jerry’s career isn’t tanked. It doesn’t hurt that she also gets to feel like they’re on equal footing again because she cheated on Leo’s dad with Jerry and Jerry cheated on his ex a few years ago. The two of them really are too cute together.

Back to the domestic disturbance case. The mother tries to commit suicide – if you’re going to off yourself fine, but why take your baby with you? – but they manage to get there in time. The father realizes he needs to set a better example for his son and agrees to help the police. While it’s not quite a happy ending, you know it’s one drifting that way.

Meanwhile, Epstein and Oliver have been shovelling through an old hoarder’s piles and piles of crap, searching for the wife he claims has gone missing. Both Epstein and Oliver think it’s more likely she’s left, but they keep searing, Oliver especially. In fact, I have to say, he’s a really great man because he manages to hold his disgust with the crazy old geezer for most of the episode.

The Un-Case Related Drama

I can’t believe Oliver chose Epstein to confess to, but at least he’s finally told someone what he’s going through. And that display of temper, small as it was, is a much healthier way of dealing with his situation.

What’s with Diaz the player? He’s obviously compensating for what happened with Peck. Any bets on how long he can sustain this behaviour? He’s intrinsically a good guy, a one woman guy, so I’m predicting that despite Peck’s revelation about her and Collins (made when Diaz confesses that it wasn’t all bad between him and Peck) I am going to say three episodes…anyone care to disagree (or agree)?

McNally agrees to have coffee with her mother. I can see at least a partial reconciliation coming down the pipes. I won’t lie, I’m afraid of the impact this could have on her relationship with Swarek. Speaking of whom, does he not look absolutely yummy in that leather jacket or what? And I can’t be the only one that thinks what he said to McNally was absolutely romantic…can I? You won’t get rid of me without a fight. I don’t care what anyone says, Swarek is the kind of man a girl wants to have.

Same time next week everyone.


And that’s my 2¢ for today.


~ by leslies2cents on July 6, 2012.

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