Saving Hope Series Premiere

Thanks to the queen bee of blisters, I spent all of that evening in, which is why I caught the new show Saving Hope that comes on directly before Rookie Blue (the latest episode of which I will review right after this). IT’s a new medical drama starring Canadians Michael Shanks and Erica Durance. The two, who previously shared the screen in Smallville, have pretty good chemistry together. There’s actually a high percentage of Canadian actors in Saving Hope and you should recognize at least some of them if you watch much Canadian content – and American’s you’ll recognize more than you think because there are more of us Canadians on TV than you suspect – one, a patient’s boyfriend is even starring alongside Lexa Doig (Shanks’ wife) in Continuum on Showcase. Also appearing (from Lost Girl) is KC Collins. Here are the facts. Charlie (Shanks) and Reed (Durance) are about the get married when they are in an accident and Charlie falls into a coma. The series, set at Hope Zion hospital (the backdrop is Toronto, Ontario, so way to go Canada for all the shows we’re filming right now)., From what I can tell, it’s about her still having hope for him while maintaining the other parts of her life? I’ve never really gotten into medical shows. I only saw probably the last half dozen or so episodes of ER and never understood the attraction of George Clooney – still don’t to the day – I never watched Chicago Hope, and though I watched House at first, even my love for Robert Sean Leonard and the fact that Hugh Laurie is pretty terrific didn’t keep me interested past about the second season. But as usual, I digress. Let’s review the episode shall we?

Shanks, baby, you look good. I will admit, seeing Shanks in the advert is the only reason I tuned in. The accident happened at York & Adelaide (which is what tipped me off to the Toronto location). Cue gross surgery stuff…ok it’s over. The Aussie sounding actor, who is from Manitoba I just want you to know, well listen to his accent, it fades in and out a couple of times. There was a bit of comedic relief sandwiched in the middle of the episode; it occurred between Shanks’ Charlie and the dead bus crash victim. If you lift that scene out, on its own it’s good, but I don’t think it really fits with the tone of the show. The rest of the episode was just Durance dealing with the other patients and doctors and trying to come to terms with what’s happened to the man she loves while he wanders around the hospital observing and narrating the episode.

Had Saving Hope come out with the new fall line up, I probably wouldn’t have given it a shot even though it’s Canadian and has the gorgeous Michael Shanks; I mean it’s got the medical show thing going against it and if Shanks is only going to be an occasional presence, it really has zero appeal to me. So short of being stuck at home with another walk-inhibiting blister, I probably won’t watch Saving Hope again.


That’s almost today’s 2¢. Check back in a bit and I should have my review of the latest episode of Rookie Blue up.

~ by leslies2cents on June 8, 2012.

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  1. Hi there! This is my first comment here so I just wanted to give a quick shout out and say I really enjoy reading by means of your posts. Can you recommend any other blogs/websites/forums that cover the same topics? Thanks in your time!

    • Thanks. Generally speaking, because I have opinions about almost everything, there aren’t really lists of other sites I can suggest; instead, what I would recommend is enter your search topic into google and explore the sites that come up on the first page of results. There’s lots of great information out there.

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