Rookie Blue – A Good Shoot

Peck and Epstein, with their separate antics, just keep getting more and more mature. (Yes that was sarcasm). So here we go, tonight’s episode of Rookie Blue, titled A Good Shoot features Epstein once again in the hot seat. Let’s get to it.

A Good Shoot

After going into a store in search of licorice, Epstein shoots and kills a kid. It certainly looked like he had a gun to me, but it was a split second, so it could have been anything he pointed at him…but if you’re committing a crime, chances are good you’re not going to point some random object at a cop because you know the likelihood of getting shot it high.

Also in the background and therefore related is some sort of basketball tournament/party that‘s taking place in a bad area of town – they’re known for gang affiliation. It was either Frank’s beat or he grew up in the neighbourhood because he seems to know the major players.

Will Nash get chosen for the Detective rotation? I certainly hope so because I would like her to get some good plot time. She’s wasted in the background.

As someone who has a cop in the family, I am familiar with the idea that the SIU (or IA for you Americans) has standard questions that need to be asked and answered in a case like this in order to protect not just the public but also the cops involved and the police force in general, but even to me, these came off as overly confrontational – probably deliberate given that it’s TV, but it still bugged me a bit. I found myself actually on Epstein’s side for the first time.

The storeowner/witness (who I think played a mid-level baddie on Kung Fu: The Legend Continues, has a record and was possibly hiding the presence of a gun, which is why they didn’t find one on the scene. (Kudos to McNally for finding out that information.) But who has it if it exists?

Wow, that was some skill you pulled out of your hat there Nash, I’d say the night classes are paying off. If you don’t get the Detective rotation after figuring out what happened and leading them to not just the truth of the second gun but a second bad guy, it’s pure BS.

Noelle was knocked down pretty hard and that look on her face was a bit scary, but it was just shock. She’ll be riding a desk from now on thanks to her pregnancy, but that’s just where she should be.

Yay Nash! She got the Detective rotation, so hopefully we’ll see her become a bigger presence this season. Speaking of presence, still no sign of Detective Luke, which makes me sad.

What’s with Peck smiling and being nice? It’s weird…

Thoughts & Final Verdict

As much as I dislike the character of Epstein, I have to say that Gregory Smith, the actor who portrays Epstein is actually growing on me because he’s showing some talent. He did a really nice job looking shell shocked and then coming off as totally unsure of his own memory throughout the rest of the episode.

Totally worth staying up late to watch Rookie Blue this week, not that I had any doubt. It’s just such a fun summer drama. If you missed the episode, or any of the first two of the season, or you want to find out more about the show, visit the Global TV Rookie Blue page.


And that’s my 2¢ for today.


~ by leslies2cents on June 8, 2012.

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