Game of Thrones Season 2 Finale

Because this is the last episode until HBO takes pity on us several months down the road, I’ll recap the episode, give my overall thoughts and include a where-are-they-now for easy reference when season 3 is upon us.

Recapping the Episode

Why is it that Margaery Tyrell is always dressed so much more suggestively than even some of the whores? Anyway, it’s a little bit of foreshadowing there with what Joffrey says about loving Margaery, but for those who didn’t read the books, I don’t want to spoil it.

The whole Stannis and Melisandre relationship is really screwy…and doesn’t have the same flavour as in the books. I don’t want to talk about it other than to say Stannis is off licking his wounds, but he’ll be back. For any who remember that Melisandre predicted Stannis to be the “Lord of Light” come again, my brother interprets that it’s actually Jon Snow who is the man from her visions and not Stannis Baratheon. Anyone have any thoughts on that?

You snivelling little bastard, Theon. I want to beat you to death myself you grate on my nerves that much. For anyone who thinks Theon will escape, don’t worry, he gets what’s coming to him and more – assuming of course that they stick with the book.

Tyrion’s scar is much less disfiguring than I expected it to be. Do you think he knows how lucky he is to have a woman like Shae? Because I like him so much I wish he would have taken her suggestion and gotten them both away, by selfishly, for my own entertainment, I’m happy to say Tyrion is going to be around for quite some time yet.

Robb marries Talisa and thus seals his fate with the Freys (because he’s promised to one of Lord Frey’s daughters) but we won’t see the consequences of his actions until next season.

I have been waiting for Danaerys to rescue her dragons for several weeks. Other than it being obviously painful for her to heed the call of her dragons and leave behind the specter of a living breathing Khal Drogo and her son, I found this part to be a total let down. Am I alone or do you agree with me? I did like the bit of ruthlessness in her that has her lock Daxos, the king of Quarth, in his own empty vault. That was nicely done.

As we knew he must, Jon kills the Halfhand, but unlike in the books, he’s not under direct orders from the Halfhand to do whatever he has to. I wonder how this will affect Jon’s future in the series.

Oooh, ooh! Three blasts! Others! Why haven’t they discovered the use of dragonglass already? In the books Sam accidentally kills one with a dragonglass (obsidian) blade….maybe I’m misremembering and that didn’t happen until book three or perhaps they’ve made some serious changes in the timeline. I’ll have to go back and look.

Overall impression of the episode

All in all, this episode followed events from the book fairly closely but I found the pace too slow in spots and the scene with Danaerys rescuing her dragons to be a bit of a letdown after waiting nearly all season to get there. She just didn’t have to work hard enough at it. I think it would have been a better use of the time, and much more effective to the story had that part been extended to include something more challenging for Danaerys – as a trade off they could have cut out most of the stuff with Robb Stark & Talisa; a second or two shot of them getting married would have been sufficient. I don’t like the story line between Robb Stark and Talisa at all. I think what was in the books was much better done and there is no reason to have invented this alternate.

We’ve waited for this all season and so I bet everyone has different impressions, but my reaction to the Others is mixed. I thought the image of them coming out of the snowy distance was appropriately eerie, but then the first few shots of the reanimated corpses looked too much like old zombie movies to impress me. I did however think the desiccated horse was well done and I’m on the fence about the Other himself. I think it would have been more effective had he not said a word rather than making that odd screeching noise. (Has the same kind of over the top and ultimately unsatisfying as when Darth Maul takes off his hood in The Phantom Menace and you find out he has tiny horns on top of his head.) My final thoughts on the season finale? It was good, but not great. Despite that, I’m eagerly awaiting season 3 to see where we go from here. For those of you wondering about the release date of book six, The Winds of Winter, there is no news. George RR Martin is keeping it pretty close to the vest, but it’ll likely not be before 2014/15. I know, I’m sick of waiting too.

Where are they now?

Jamie Lannister – on the road to Kings Landing with Brienne

Tyrion – languishing in Kings Landing, recovering from his wound

Cersei – in Kings Landing

Joffrey – in Kings Landing, engaged to Margaery Tyrell

Tywin – in Kings Landing after saving it

Robb Stark – somewhere with his army, north of Kings Landing

Arya – on the road from Harrenhall with Gendry and Hotpie, destination unknown

Bran & Rickon – headed north with Osha and Hodor

Jon Snow – north of the wall, prisoner, about to meet Mance Rayder (the King Beyond the Wall)

Catelyn – with Robb’s army

Sansa – in Kings Landing

Danaerys – sacking Quarth (or at least Daxos’ holdings)

Don’t think I forgot anyone important, but if I did, let me know.


And that’s my 2¢ for today.

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