Rookie Blue Class Dismissed

Tonight was week two of our favourite summer show, Rookie Blue and in a tip of the hat to all high school grads this month they called the episode Class Dismissed. At first I thought that tonight was going to be a little ho hum, and it was at first, but after a slow start, it turned out to be a decent episode.

Tonight’s Case

It starts with a missing squad car, grad class mischief followed by a chop shop daddy who got beat by his daughter’s boyfriend/his employee and also the shotgun from the squad car is in boyfriend’s hands, which means a standoff with McNally and Swarek.


Of course it would happen to Epstein! Everything happens to Epstein – see preview for next week. Yay, McNally and Swarek are really trying the whole relationship thing, although she’s clearly being really girly about it. We also find out that the history between Peck and Collins while not ancient, is five years old.

Epstein lied to his girlfriend because he knows he’s not good enough for her and doesn’t want her to leave him for being the dumbass that lost a squad car. You know the cure for that don’t you? Don’t be a dumbass!

Just a general note to the Rookie Blue powers that be: Now that Flashpoint is done, you should get Sergio di Zio on the show. We already know he looks hot in uniform. I’m seeing….a recurring guest spot….maybe a sexy paramedic…maybe  a possible interest for Peck or competition for Jerry (with Nash). Come on; just get him for me, please?

There goes Oliver again, having to father Epstein…and that was a surprisingly good mean face that Oliver pulled off. It’s really too bad about the trouble between him and his wife, but it means we could see more of him this season and that’s more than ok with me.

Yes, the teenagers’ relationship is a thinly veiled version of McNally and Swarek’s situation – we get it.

Could we not have had a better shot of Collins with his shirt off? How else are we going to decide if he’s any competition for the manly Swarek? Speaking of the delectable Swarek, McNally’s rush is that with a guy like you, a smart girl locks it down quick.

Epstein really hasn’t grown out of his Dawson’s Creek era angst. Until he does, the guy would never be able to have a functioning adult relationship in real life. He just bugs me!

That kiss between Peck and Collins right at the end…predictable but pretty good chemistry all the same.

Missed the premiere? Missed Class Dismissed? No problem, you can catch up with all the episodes of Rookie Blue and play the Training Beat Game on the Global TV Rookie Blue page.


And that’s my 2¢ for today.

~ by leslies2cents on June 1, 2012.

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