Game of Thrones Episodes 6 & 7

It’s lucky for me that this weekend is a long one in Canada; otherwise I might never have caught up with Game of Thrones. While everyone else is out opening up cottages or braving May long weekend camping, I was in the city getting caught up on the last three Game of Thrones that I hadn’t had the time to watch and figuring out what was going on with my computer. So without further adieu, here are recaps of the episodes. Check back with me during the week for what happened last night in episode #8 and for the season premiere of Rookie Blue which happens this Thursday.

Episode #6

Eeew, eeew, eeeewwwww! Definitely not an episode for the squeamish. Even as Theon was chopping away all I could think is that he’s an utterly contemptible figure. How can he think that any of his actions will earn him respect?

Tyrion Lannister put Littlefinger in his place; it was very amusing to see that while simultaneously watching Arya try to avoid falling under his gaze. I think that’s another departure from the books but I’m not 100% certain of that; it wasn’t important enough for me to note in my reviews.

This Ygritte is quite pretty. It’ll make Jon’s betrayal of his vow of celibacy not such a hard thing to understand – not that it’s hard to believe a teenage boy would fall prey to the lure of sex…or an adult one for that matter.

What do you think they’re wearing under those furs? Oh, get your mind out of the gutter! I mean how to they keep the actors warm in those cold places? Or perhaps it’s all green screened? I have heard that Kit Harrington (Jon Snow) doesn’t wash his hair during the course of filming so it looks the way it should rather than having to be artificially dirtied…not that that has anything to do with what I was just wondering about.

Mob mentality, it’s a dangerous thing. Lucky for Sansa, Sandor Clegane saved her.

Danaerys, you’re in a bad bargaining position. Ordinary? Not with those looks, but you’re still just a teenage girl.

Clever Arya. Loyal did indeed kill your father (Lord Eddard/Ned Stark for those just tuning in).

Gotta love the way Jaquen H’gar indulges Arya. He really pulls it off like some kind of indulgent uncle. Easily the lightest moment of the whole episode.

Why the girl from Volantis for Robb? She’s a completely new creation. It doesn’t seem necessary to me. Martin already wrote in a girl to screw up his treaty with the Freys.

Oh Ygritte, that’s the oldest trick in the book…old but effective.

It’s very strange to see Osha like this (and I don’t just mean the naked part). For me she’s overshadowed by her Harry Potter character (Tonks). I’ve never understood her motivation for helping Bran & Rickon. Anyone got an idea?

The dragons have been taken and apparently that’s a good place to end the episode.

Episode #7

Careful Arya….Tywin Lannister isn’t feeding you because he’s kind.

What’s with Sandor Clegane? I’ve never understood his character’s code. It’s not really ethics, and he doesn’t have much in the way of honour, so let’s call it a code of behaviour. It’s confusing, whatever you choose to call it.

As child whose favourite toy has been taken away so does Danaerys sound standing before the Thirteen.

The show may have tweaked the dynamics of the relationship between Jon Snow and Ygritte, but they kept her refrain: You know nothing Jon Snow.

Difficult? Did Cersei just call Joffrey difficult? Leave it to a mother to understate the flaws of her child.

I kept waiting for Jaime to be cruel to this young cousin who so obviously idolizes him…but when it came it was not what I expected. Once again I find myself tempted to go back and compare between the book and the show.

Do you remember when Mirri Maaz Dur told Danaerys she would be betrayed three times? For those who are counting, Daxos makes two.

Ah yes, I do remember that Jaime killed Karstark’s son in his attempt to escape, I just didn’t think the elder Karstark would look so…old.

A mother who can’t get her son to listen to her? Imagine that! Will Cersei accept comfort from Tyrion should he offer it? A quiet moment of tenderness between two siblings often at each other’s throats…but neither of them is brave enough.

It’s time for Catelyn Stark to make her deal with the Kingslayer and since that’s the end of the episode, it’s also time for me to sign off.


And that’s my 2¢ for today.


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