NCIS: Los Angeles Season Finale

Talk about the complete opposite. Where NCIS original was staid and slow-moving, the NCIS: Los Angeles season finale is tearing it up from the very beginning. The action in the first ten minutes alone…and it’s a 2 hour finale tonight. Renko has been shot and Hetty seems very angry for all that he isn’t one of her team. And what’s with Kensi being so emotional about it? Could this distress throw her into Deeks’ arms? We should be so lucky. Judging by the previews of the episode, there isn’t time for anything in between action sequences anyway. The voice…that’s why I recognized it before. It’s Christopher Lambert! I love Christopher Lambert whether he’s in The Highlander, Mortal Combat or this year’s Ghost Rider movie. Speaking of which, it’s really been his year. The Chameleon (whom Callen shot in the mouth earlier in the season – which is why he is now shooting everyone the same way) is back to kill/destroy Callen. He’s pretty much the baddest of the bad and he has Hunter (Claire Forlani). How did that happ – I didn’t even get to finish my sentence before he killed her! Which I should have seen coming but didn’t.

Definitely a long and twisty road for this episode. I considered and rejected the idea of going to bed and skipping the second half, but I put “get a TV for my bedroom” on my to do list.

Did you notice that both NCIS original and Los Angeles had chess references? Same writers perhaps? Thankfully it’s not as prevalent in Los Angeles.

Considering the team is fighting a master criminal, are you really surprised that the episode didn’t wrap up nice and cleanly? Let’s recap shall we? The Chameleon is dead, killed by Callen who is now in the custody of the LAPD, Hetty has retired and the team now has no one to back them but Owen Granger (Miguel Ferrer). And we have to wait four months for answers. Lucky for us Rookie Blue starts next week to keep our minds off it. Check back tomorrow for my Criminal Minds review.


And that’s my 2¢ for today.


~ by leslies2cents on May 16, 2012.

2 Responses to “NCIS: Los Angeles Season Finale”

  1. I agree that the L.A. spin-off was way more intense than the NCIS finale, but having two hours allows for more drama and anticipation. I’m not home most evenings because of family commitments, so I couldn’t watch it that night like you did. I did however get to watch the next morning because with my Auto Hop I can automatically skip over 40 minutes of commercials, and have time to watch while I’m getting ready for going to work at Dish. That time savings is invaluable when I usually have to try to avoid hearing or reading about what happened.

    • You’re right, the two hours does give better ability to do more with what they’ve got. But I think overall the season of NCIS was probably it’s weakest, especially when you consider how good it could have been with the building blocks they have. Here’s to a better season in the Fall. Tme saving is great…it’s why a PVR is on my “gotta get one list”…by the way, nice job plugging the company you work for.

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