Hart of Dixie Season 1 Finale

Crème brulée is not a pastry! Sorry, had to get that out of my system. Real life isn’t like a romantic comedy Zoe, but lucky for you, we’re watching Hart of Dixie, this year’s best new night time soap opera and guilty pleasure of women everywhere. That’s what makes it so fun to watch. Are American Southerners really that superstitious/crazy? Probably. With a storm, enforced seclusion together, a choice between women and the well meaning but jilted guy, we have all the makings of a classic soap episode. I hope the Hart of Dixie team does it justice.

So close! Wade and Zoe were just thisclose to kissing in the barn and were interrupted. Why is George so determined to have this wedding today? Is it because he loves Lemon so much or because he’s afraid if he doesn’t marry her today, he won’t marry her at all? We’ll find out in the next half hour. Back to Zoe and Wade. I want to see them together because there’s something there; I don’t care if it’s a long-term possibility or not. Am I alone here? Didn’t think so. What can I say? I’m Team Wade. My own parents, who have very little in common, are celebrating their 35th wedding anniversary this year; they’re proof that not only do opposites like Zoe and Wade attract but that they can sometimes go the distance.

WHAT?!? I was right. George is leaving Lemon at the altar…..meanwhile, back at her place, Zoe has deliberately put out the lights and she and Wade have…tangoed. And now here comes George to her door. What will Zoe do? We won’t know until Hart of Dixie returns in the fall, which it is likely to do although I can’t seem to find a confirmation that they’ve been renewed for next year. If anyone has better information, please let me know. I see plenty of potential for next season though. The first season focused on her familial relationships and, to some degree, acceptance of herself more so than it did the tug-of-war between Wade and George. Now it’s obvious that with George free of Lemon, the choice will be hers next season and the two friends are going to find themselves competing.


And that’s my 2¢ for today.


~ by leslies2cents on May 15, 2012.

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