Castle Season 4 Finale

If you didn’t watch the last season finale and the first few episodes of Castle this season, chance are you were lost last night. That’s ok, I can catch you up for now and you can watch the season during repeats over the summer. Click here for the season 3 finale and here for my season 4 premiere reviews. And I really hope you’re watching, because Castle has yet to have a final decision whether they’ll be renewed for a fifth season yet. With this finale, I think their chances are pretty good.

For the hopeless romantics (a club of which I am a sometime member) it looks like Castle and Beckett just made a date. But it’s early. Don’t count your chickens just yet.

Montgomery, the former captain, died trying to make up for however he was involved in the death of Beckett’s mother. Knowing someone went to his house and was looking for his files, this is obviously going to lead back there. How will this affect the deal Castle made to protect Beckett? And if she and Castle keep investigating this, she’ll find out about the bargain he made. How will that affect their relationship? Will it finally make them or will it break them? It’s a classic question, but when it’s done well, the viewer is left cursing both commercials and the time between episodes.

At twenty minutes into the episode, I’m seeing two outcomes, neither of which bode well for Castle and Beckett being together, so I hope I’m wrong.

For those wondering, the part of the villain is being played by Canadian Tahmoh Penikett. (Ladies, he is one attractive bad guy!)

Castle comes clean about everything and says he won’t watch Beckett throw her life away. Listen to how he describes her: remarkable, maddening, challenging, frustrating. Now that’s how you love someone; you love them faults and all…Damn it, I just felt a little twinge of jealousy for a fictional character. And I’m betting I’m not alone in that.

Poor Det. Ryan. He’s left all alone for doing the right thing. Yes, I know he ratted out his team, but he was right to do it and if he hadn’t, Beckett would have died. It’s unfair of Esposito to blame him, but I’m sure he’ll get over it in time.

Why are men so stubborn? She was calling you! Pick up the phone…oooh, oooh, the door, is it Beckett at the door? It’s Beckett! And now they’re making out against the door. It’s love and we’ve even got somewhere to go for next season.

Attention studio and producers of Castle. Don’t cancel our show!


And that’s my looking-forward-to-season-five 2¢ for today.


~ by leslies2cents on May 8, 2012.

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