Bryan Adams Concert 2012

You may have heard that the happiest place on earth is Disneyland, but it’s not true. The happiest place on earth is a Bryan Adams concert, which he proved again (for the fourth time) last night. Despite the fact that the K-Rock Centre in Kingston (Bryan Adams’ hometown) has somewhat less than the best acoustics and I was once again passed over to be on stage with Adams, it’s still one of the best nights of my life.

Bryan Adams never fails to deliver and last night’s spectacular two and a half hour show was no exception. It was so fantastic I am tempted to go down to the ACC in Toronto tonight and buy a ticket off a scalper so I can see it again. Yes, it really was that good. This concert featured considerably more showmanship and effects (there was a light show straight out of the 80s) than what I’ve seen previously, but unlike with some other bands, I didn’t find it distracting from the reason we’re there, the music.

What did he play during the two and a half hours (during which he took no breaks) he was onstage? He played his greatest hits and a few lesser known songs as well. Bryan Adams is always worth the money you spend. He’s on time and he delivers an entertaining show that’s packed to the brim with music. This tour features more songs from Waking Up the Neighbours than previous ones, but since that’s my favourite Bryan Adams’ album, I was more than happy with that. This year actually marks the album’s 20th anniversary.

Aside from Bryan Adams himself, the draw for repeat audiences has got to be the uber-talented Keith Scott (lead guitar). Keith has been with Adams for as long as I can remember. The relationship between the two of them is one of long-time friends who are really just having a great time up there. They have tremendous respect for one another’s talent. And not for a moment do you doubt they’re truly having a ball (yes that’s a line from Waking Up the Neighbours). Bryan Adams’ drummer (I’m so sorry I forget your name) is phenomenal as well. I saw some stage hands bring out this contraption and before I could wonder what it was, the drummer was sitting in amongst this custom built drum set made from buckets, pots and pans. You might think that it’s a little cheesy but this guy is so talented it’s nothing less than amazing. Remember how people first reacted to things like Riverdance and Stomp? Well that’s how we all felt last night. The guy is incredibly talented.

Nearing the end of the concert, Adams shared a lovely story about his mom loading up on butter, a commodity not readily available in their native England (the way it is here in the “land of plenty” as he still refers to Canada) when they first moved. It’s the interactive nature of the show and these bits and pieces of himself that Bryan Adams shares with the audience that elevates the concert from of a night of listening to some awesomely talented musicians to a special experience you’ll remember and treasure.

I took my mom and godmother, neither of whom had seen Bryan Adams in concert before, and they both absolutely loved it. I recorded a couple of songs and you can clearly hear my mom cheering over the rest of the audience. I was surprised at just how many people (judging by their tweets) were also at the concert with a parent. It was really sweet. I think that a Bryan Adams concert experience is one that can be enjoyed by all and not just die-hard fans like me. That alone says a lot about the quality of his performance. Readers, wherever you are, if you get the opportunity to see a Bryan Adams concert, do it. I promise you it’ll be great. And if you’ve seen him already, or are at one of the upcoming concerts, please share your thoughts.


And that’s my still-giddy-from-the-concert 2¢ for today.

~ by leslies2cents on May 3, 2012.

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