Hawaii Five-O – NCIS: LA Crossover Part 1

There’s some icky drama to start the episode…hope you have a strong stomach because if it’s indicative of the episode, it’s not for the squeamish. For those who missed it, McGarrett is off searching for Shelburn and will not return until next week’s episode. It smallpox…ggrreeeattt…..Why can’t the ever pick diseases that don’t make you all gross looking before you die? Well that just wouldn’t make for riveting TV now would it? Ah ha! A Comescu, and the NCIS connection becomes clear; it also explains why it’s Callen and Sam, rather than Kensi, who already appeared on an episode, who come to Hawaii.

Sam and Danno have great onscreen chemistry, not unlike his relationship with McGarrett. Comescu escapes a car crash, with the vials…those guys really are like cockroaches. And in case you missed that little nugget (it was mentioned so quickly) they made smallpox more deadly. Once a lucky bugger didn’t save Comescu a second time. It’s nice the way Sam and Callen care for each other (you have to listen to the byplay to catch it). Come to Hawaii and eat t a shrimp truck…seems a bit anti-climactic to me and when are they going to realize they have to go to LA? Oh, here it comes. Just when you thought it was over, turns out what Comescu had was only saline. The real bad guy boarded a plane and has just touched down in LA with nine vials of extra-deadly smallpox.

I have to say, the episode was a nice balance of action and plot. Tune in Tuesday (tonight) for part 2, which airs during NCIS: LA’s regular time slot.

Wondering where hottie Alex O’Loughlin (aka Steve McGarrett) is? Me too. I looked it up and according to sources, O’Loughlin needed to get some help for dependence on prescription pain meds. Here’s hoping it’s a one-time thing and not the start of a downward spiral that will mean I, and thousands of other women, will be forced to remove the Aussie from our freebie five lists.

Also for those wondering, Hawaii Five-O (season finale May 14th) and NCIS: LA (2 hour season finale May 15th) have both been renewed. Check in with me often during the May-June finale season as I’ll be trying to cover as many shows as I can. As always, I love to hear your thoughts as well.


And that’s my 2¢ for today.

~ by leslies2cents on May 1, 2012.

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