Real, Live, Howard Wolowitz

First off, to my faithful readers (all three of you, ha ha) I must apologize for my two week absence. Sorry, just had things going on and no time to post. Now, on to today’s topic. My friend, let’s call her Jaycie (not her real name but she was ok with me talking about her experience on a condition of anonymity) has recently had to deal with her very own Howard Wolowitz. Quickly, for those of you who don’t watch Big Bang Theory (and why don’t you?) let me explain. Howard Wolowitz is an unattractive guy with absolutely no redeeming qualities and on top of that just refuses to get it through his thick skull that you’re not interested. And taking pity on him and going out with him once will only make the situation worse, encourage him as it were. Now, back to my friend Jaycie.

Jaycie was fast approaching her deadline to get over her ex and dealing with all manner of encouragement from us to get back in the saddle, to see what’s out there so that she could realize that the end of her relationship wasn’t the end of the world. So Jaycie found herself out on a date with D. Nothing out of the ordinary, just dinner and a movie. Quite frankly Jaycie didn’t want to go out on the date but thought given D’s situation of being recently divorced that it would be a nice, easy way to dip a toe back in the dating pool. Boy was she mistaken. There was no spark for Jaycie, she found the conversation lacking and she and D didn’t share any significant interests. At the end of the night, Jaycie said thanks, but gave no indication of wanting to see D again or in turning this one lacklustre evening into a full-blown relationship. This SHOULD have been the end of the story – and for the other Howard Wolowitzs out there, I hope you read and understood that sentiment and will take it to heart. Anyway, Jaycie found herself the recipient of near daily calls and text messages. None of which she returned, hoping that her silence would be answer enough for D. Fast forward three weeks later and this was still going on. I’m not making this up folks; he kept calling, leaving messages and texting. The basic breakdown of these messages? What’s up? What’s going on? What are you doing? When can we get together again? It should have been clear to him that Jaycie had no interest in starting anything up with him when she didn’t respond to the first couple of messages let alone three weeks’ worth. It shouldn’t have warranted a conversation in her mind, but finally she was forced to call him and come off as a…well a word that rhymes with witch in order to get him to back off and leave her alone. And what’s more, it came as a COMPLETE shock to D that this is how she felt. He even tried the please-feel-sorry-for-me-and-change-your-mind guilt trip on her: Well, I won’t bother you any more then. Are you kidding me? Can a guy really be that dumb? Is it possible that the character of Howard Wolowitz is not an exaggeration but is in fact based on a real, live person? I now believe that to be the case.

So for anyone out there that doubted the reality of the character, I offer this true-to-life tale up as evidence and for anyone who has gone through a situation similar to Jaycie’s, I hope it makes you feel a teensy bit better to know you’re not alone. As for Jaycie, I hope she’ll find a keeper next time. She deserves it.

And that’s my shocked 2¢ for today.


~ by leslies2cents on November 25, 2011.

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