The Avengers

I just watched the teaser trailer for The Avengers. (The Avengers are Marvel’s answer to the Justice League for those of you who aren’t comic aficionados.) If you haven’t already seen it, visit the imdb page here to watch it. Go ahead, I’ll wait. I haven’t been this excited about a comic book movie since I saw the shadow of the phoenix in the water at the end of X2 – It’s a funny story. I went to see the movie with my dad and my brother (must have been someone’s bday) and at the end my poor dad was nearly scared out of his skin because my brother and I, who were sitting on either side of him, both grabbed an arm and in an excited whisper-yell went “It’s the phoenix!”. Maybe you had to be there…

The Avengers stars heroes we’ve already seen in movies of their own like Iron Man, Captain America and Thor and other members of the Avenger team like Hawkeye which haven’t. Oh, and I should note that there has been yet another cast change for the Hulk; he will now be played by Mark Ruffalo – although still voiced by Lou Ferrigno.

I thought the trailer was really smart because we were treated to lots of action and things blowing up but not too much was given away – in other words, you didn’t just see all the parts of the movie worth seeing in that two minutes. For me, The Avengers is the best teaser trailer since the one for the Star Trek reboot (which was only a few seconds long featuring the voice of Leonard Nimoy and the Star Trek insignia – genius!).

“If we can’t protect the earth you can be damn sure we’ll avenge it.” is said by Tony Stark near the end of the trailer. If I had one complaint it would be the placement of this quote, which I absolutely loved, and not just because it was delivered by RDJ (one of the BEST actors on the planet) but because it’s so dramatic, and to me would have upped the anticipation factor if it had been the last thing we heard before the screen went dark. After all, we know that this movie is about the heroes trying to save the earth from annihilation, so what better way to end than with that quote? If I was the studio, that would have been the one thing I would have changed – or maybe they can keep that line in for the next trailer and change the placement to the end. You’re welcome for the suggestion.

Joss Whedon is directing. This caught me a little by surprise and from the buzz, I’m not alone. I was never a huge fan of Buffy so I can be more objective when I say that I think he can deliver this movie. There are people out there saying the studio has taken a big risk here because Whedon isn’t a “mainstream” director. (And if we’re honest, the studios really need a win on this movie with all they’re investing in it.) Here’s my question: When did comic book movies become mainstream? Did I miss that somehow? I don’t think so. Changing up the direction was a good move. Sure they could have used Jon Favreau again; he’s not a bad director, but to my mind and I’m sure to others, he’s a “comic book movie” director whereas Whedon isn’t. I think what they’re looking to do here is the same thing that the Star Trek franchise did with Nemesis. They chose to use a director who wasn’t a “Star Trek” director and it paid off. I predict the same situation here.

The Avengers comes out May 4th 2012 in Canada, so we still have quite a wait. Only time will tell if they can keep up the anticipation, but I hope they can because I’m excited. Are you excited?


That’s my face-in-a-huge-grin 2¢ for today.


~ by leslies2cents on October 13, 2011.

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