Hawaii Five-0 Season Premiere

While I was working today, I had the TV on in the background, so I kept hearing the Hawaii five-0 commercial. And by hearing it I mean that I’d hear the first few strains of the theme music, which is absolutely iconic and instantly recognizable and immediately break out into a grin. I’ve so been looking forward to this premiere and it didn’t disappoint. In true Hawaii Five-0 spirit we were hit hard and fast with the action and it didn’t quit. And the oh-so-great Terry O-Quinn as McGarrett’s former commander? There couldn’t have been a better choice. He’s a fantastic veteran actor. Because it aggravated me that such an obvious error would be passed off the way it was, I have to point out that the marks from a taser are distinctive. They would not be mistaken for other wounds taken in combat. Ok, rant over. Underneath the action, Five-0 is about loyalty, friendship, justice and team. It’s a really great melding of all those things and I think with a start like this one, the second season is going to be at least as good as the first.

Episode Recap

At the funeral, Chin Ho snagged one of Wo Fat’s bodyguard’s wallets. I love that someone as straight arrow as him would pull that. Marster’s character (Hesse) was ordered by Wo Fat to kill McGarrett while he was in jail but instead Marster’s gives him a head’s up and a carefully placed wound so McGarrett can escape. Why? Self preservation. And sure enough, McGarrett is now wounded and on the run. Dr. Max (the guy from Heros) makes an appearance. He patches up McGarrett and gives aid to a fugitive. He’s even smart enough to call for Chin Ho and Danno. Speaking of Danno, you’ve got to feel sorry for the guy. Only a week has passed (in TV time) since the last season wrapped up but Rachel has found out that her baby is Stan’s, not Danno’s so she’s going back to him. Gotta feel bad for him for that. And when he does the “dad” style yelling at McGarrett? Loved it. Wasn’t sure how I was going to take him at first because I never liked him in the Ocean’s movies, but he’s grown on me. Thanks to guest star Terry O’Quinn, they’re solving some mysteries from McGarrett’s dad’s tool box. Dad apparently knew the (later) governor was dirty and had proof. Now the Japanese guy who also knows where the evidence was hidden has told McGarrett. A location + a locker key + a little SD card = evidence and possibly a way to clear McGarrett as well. They stop the bad guy and get the stuff Wo Fat was selling him but Wo Fat himself slips through their fingers. After killing Marster’s character of course. Now here’s something I absolutely didn’t see coming – and it’s a massive SPOILER ALERT – the 3rd Rock chick, Larisa Oleynik is Wo Fat’s. How did I not see that coming?


As you might have guessed, this is not my 2¢ for today. Stay tuned for a review of How I Met Your Mother and Castle.


~ by leslies2cents on September 20, 2011.

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