ROOKIE BLUE – A Little Faith

So tonight’s episode features a lovely background of the case of the kid with the scribbled face. The only point of this case it seems is to give Chris somewhere to vent his passive-aggressiveness other than on Peck. Oh, I should also note that this is apparently “weeks” after last week’s episode. But the big thing about this week – oh, a quick side note, Frank (Lyriq Bent) and Noelle have a very quick conversation about the kid thing almost at the end of the episode. It was very cute and definitely indicative of more to come in their relationship – is McNally, Nash and Epstein get dropped off with nothing but the clothes on their backs and a bus token and told to return the next morning with as much drugs and cash as possible. It’s a test that apparently they all go through and of course the more senior officers are betting on a winner. So who will it be? I’ll recap in just a second. First I would like to make an announcement. Yes, it would seem that Chris Diaz and Gail Peck have broken up. There’ll probably be more drama around them, but I doubt it’ll be until next season.

Epstein has skills? Since when? It would be impressive if I weren’t pre-disposed to dislike him and therefore nothing he does can ever impress me. Epstein used his bus token to arrive at a bar downtown and apparently it wasn’t such a random choice because he’s tracked down a guy his brother used to hang with. A drug dealer.

Meanwhile, McNally and Nash have found their way to a dumpy hotel and are making money playing pool. They run in to Swarek. But it’s cool; they don’t blow his cover. They get Swarek’s boss to tell them where to go to buy some drugs. While they’re up there buying drugs they find a girl dying on the floor of the dealer’s bathroom. Be cool McNally! If you had just gone downstairs you could have called an ambulance anonymously….Nash, way to think on your feet girl. They get an ambulance and Nash goes with the girl to the hospital but McNally decides to stay behind.

Epstein is left in the dealer’s car with a bunch of cash and drugs and…Don’t do it Epstein. You’ll never get away with it and you’ve got no backup…wow, he’s away. Now if he can make it back to the station with all that loot he’ll have done something right and won the competition.

McNally goes back and offers herself to Swarek. Swarek refuses. Ouch. Swarek’s new boss tells him not to be crazy so he goes after McNally. At Swarek’s apartment he’s still trying to do what’s “right” and send McNally away but she’s not having it…YES! They’re going for it! And he carries her to bed…just enough of a touch of romance to make women everywhere wish they were McNally. I know I certainly did at that moment. The morning after and they’re so cute and sweet together. Once more for the road and then McNally heads back to the station.

Of course all three make it back (even if McNally’s still tidying herself up) but Epstein is the clear winner.

There were however only two very brief glimpses of Detective Luke. Why no screen love for Luke? Don’t make me beg. I miss my pretty boy. And apparently my last chance to see him will be next week because it’s a double episode night and the season finale night. Preview makes it look like there’s some pretty good action. Looking forward to it. After that, there’ll probably be silence from me on the TV front until later in the month when season premieres start. I’ll try to keep up as best I can then. But I can’t watch everything and I do have a life. Set your cell phone reminders for next week readers and let’s hope this all too short season goes out with a bang.

And that’s my 2¢ for today.


~ by leslies2cents on September 2, 2011.

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