ROOKIE BLUE – Best Laid Plans

Based solely on the preview commercials we’ve been seeing from last week, I’m predicted Rookie Blue gold – a return to what we love most about the show, the relationships. Tonight’s case is about a nasty car accident, a guy in a chicken suit at a play land that was shot at while the guy was robbing it and two missing children, one of which was taken by the shooter and a custody issue. All of that turns out to be the same case which we find out through one of those jumping around in time plot mechanisms. Not my favourite but I’m not writing for the show. Before I get into talking about the various relationships, I want to comment on guest star Kathleen Robertson.  She looks fabulous! I mean, seriously, she looks the same as she did when she was on the original 90210. For those of you who don’t remember, it was over more than a decade ago. I wish I was lucky enough to have her bone structure, because that’s what’s at the heart of her aging so beautifully.

Note that I’m skipping over the whole Nash –Detective Jerry relationship because it’s dramaless and therefore, boring.

Let’s get the Peck-Epstein-Diaz stuff out of the way first. Epstein and the bomb girl…still YUCK! Peck is suffering from a common ailment – the Iwanttohavemycakeandeatittoo syndrome – that’s usually a guy thing but in this case, she’s just giving women a bad name. It’s like she’s still in high school and craves the drama or something. If she really loved Diaz she would suck up the awkwardness until it went away and be true to her relationship. But a girl like that never deserved a guy like him anyway. Epstein, for his part, decides to deny remembering anything to Gail, even though he’s obviously lying to her. Yeah, cuz that’s not going to cause a problem. Which of course we know the two boys come to blows by the cop car – a little professionalism on the job please rookies – and though Diaz keeps the bad guy from shooting him later on, they’re still not ok. Peck and Diaz are also on the outs. It’s possible that a breakup is looming. Wouldn’t it be hilarious if Peck and McNally ended up roomies?

Onto the bread and butter of the show, McNally and her love life. First of all, since when is she buying a condo? That girl needs to take some serious time to make a decision like that. Secondly, where is Luke? I haven’t heard anything about him leaving the show, so for anyone worried about that, you shouldn’t be. This triangle still has a lot of road left in it. If you’ve heard something different though, please let the rest of us know. This is the second week in a row there has been no Luke. I’m not happy about this. I miss my pretty boy. But I trust the writers to bring him back soon. Now it seems Swarek is going back undercover. What will that mean for me? First he has to go and get himself married and totally kill that fantasy for me but now he’s threatening to eye candy less often? I hope this is a very short undercover assignment….or that McNally somehow goes with him….that could be good. Car accident woman (Kathleen Robertson) didn’t make it. Given that tonight’s theme has been Don’t put off til tomorrow what you can enjoy today (or else it might not be there “someday) or more succinctly Carpe diem, could it be that McNally will at last seize the day herself? Even as she dialled I knew that Swarek wasn’t going to answer, that he was already going to be undercover and sure enough…But the writers continue to dangle hope in front of us with our sneak peak at next week’s episode. Gah! I have to say, the writers are doing a good job at keeping us interested in this will they-won’t they relationship. See you next week.


And that’s my in suspense 2¢ for today.


~ by leslies2cents on August 26, 2011.

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