Rookie Blue – In Plain View

Last night’s episode of Rookie Blue was really about deception and betrayal. These concepts were echoed in the case of the evening as well as in what was happening with the characters. Let me set up the case for you and then you’ll see that I’ve divided up my other observations and plot notes according to who it involves.

Detective Larry has misplaced an informant/witness for the prosecution. It’s not long before they find the guy dead and finding his killer becomes the case of the evening.

The McNally – Detective Luke – Jo Triangle

First the guy cheats and now as the guilt skyrockets he lies and heaps McNally with gifts. Ladies, beware, this is typical guy behaviour in these situations. Married in a week? Overcompensating! Does Luke somehow think that being married with erase what he did with Jo? That a piece of paper will act as a bandage for the relationship he’s betrayed? Well here’s a step in the right direction, he tells Jo it was a mistake. Somehow though, I don’t think she’s going to let that be it. Speaking of Jo, I really don’t like her. Props to the actress for playing the character so well. Jo doesn’t really hide her dislike of McNally very well. Or is it jealousy? Insecurity? I can’t decide so let’s just say d) all of the above. And here is Jo not lying well again. And you know she could if she wanted to. She’s hoping that McNally will call her on it. Perhaps she thinks if McNally finds out Luke will turn to her for comfort? McNally knows in her heart of hearts that the man she loves has betrayed her and is now deceiving her and het she’s still the consummate professional with Jo and the case. I’d have beaten the crap out of her and had the ex’s stuff on the side of the road. Wake up McNally and get with Swarek already! At the end of the episode McNally leaves Luke. Smart girl. Although you and I both know that there is still plenty of drama to be had from this relationship before it’s resolved for good. I have just two things to say to Detective Luke. 1 – If you loved her you wouldn’t have cheated and 2 – Don’t give us that I love you crap because sometimes, love ain’t enough.

Superintendant Peck a.k.a. Gail’s Mom

I love that Lauren Holly is playing Gail’s mom. She’s a fantastic actress and a perfect fit for the role. She’s kind of a bitch and her middle name is manipulative, that’s a given but is the superintendant overachieving or overbearing? Let’s vote shall we? See now the veiled threat to that sweetie Diaz has just guaranteed to set the audience against her. Peck’s struggle against her mother’s influence and her expectations are something each of us can relate to on some level and go further than her relationship with Diaz has to get us to like her.

Case Update

Going with the themes of deception and betrayal the suspect, Dina a teenaged hooker and dumb girl who got involved with the wrong guy has two choices to betray and deceive (and live) or be the idiot scapegoat and possibly die. Well, give you two guesses what she picks. They save her life anyway. At one point, McNally and Jo are keeping the little hooker safe. McNally goes out for magazines and when she gets back finds that Jo has been cracked in the head by their witness who has subsequently taken off. Despite the fact that there’s friction between the two of them, McNally doesn’t even point out that by being so antagonistic to the witness she shouldn’t be surprised she clocked her. The girl eventually makes arrangements to meet up with the suspect – I mean these aren’t master criminals here – and he’s taken out before he can kill her.

Everything Else

Not much here but I did want to mention a couple of things. First whatever happened after Noelle and Frank (the gorgeous Lyriq Bent) had their dinner? There’s been no mention of it. And a police open house…what was the point of this? It didn’t serve the show in any way except for creating an opportunity to introduce Peck’s mom. But couldn’t they have thought of another way? I mean, really, is an open house the best use of a cop’s time? Is there no crime around the city? And finally I would like to mention that you should check out the Global TV website for Rookie Blue. There’s a contest that allows you to be interactive with the show. Kind of interesting if that’s your thing.


That’s my 2¢ for today. See you next week.


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