ROOKIE BLUE – Heart & Sparks

I’m feeling distinctly unfocused – or rather focused on something else entirely: Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2 which I’m going to see tomorrow so check back Sunday for my post on the movie. As for Rookie Blue it just means that you’ll have to read my opinions and the episode recap all jumbled together.

A dog fighting ring? Is there anything more despicable than people who abuse animals and/or stand by and watch it happen? There isn’t. And there’s nothing sexier than a guy cuddling a puppy either.

So Detective Luke is still in the hospital. No surprise there. And he’s cranky and depressed about it. Again, no surprise. Note to everyone visiting someone in the hospital: whether you are Sexy Luke or Regular Joe, the only thing that cheers someone in the hospital up is getting out.

Now we’re moving from dog fighting to arson. It looks like the backdrop of tonight’s episode is going to be a firebug and not the dog fighting thing.

There’s a little bit of Diaz history being hinted at here when we meet his former step-daddy. Wonder what will be revealed.

Too bad. The firebug’s daddy is a sleazebag lawyer with skewed priorities; hence the daughter lighting fires to get his attention? Seems too simple to me.

Why McNally? Why would you just leave a woman freaking out there and expect her to listen to you? Now you’re trapped in an unstable burnt out building with a freaking woman and the crispy remains of her husband. The only good thing about it is that it’s Swarek to the rescue. Why is it that Oliver and I are the only ones to see how he feels about McNally? It’s pretty freaking obvious. Shaw tells him to talk to her, wonder when he’ll do that or even if. Men like Swarek don’t talk; they act.

And back to the firebug, she confesses, just to stick it to daddy the lawyer who wants her to shut up and stop taking up his time. She didn’t do it. But since getting arrested didn’t get her much of daddy’s attention maybe a confession will?

I told you so! Teenager recanted. If you wanna know who set the fire, watch the episode. You can watch it on Global online, or apparently, there’s an app for that if you prefer.

Vindicated again we learn about Diaz’s mother and remember how Nash couldn’t find her phone earlier? Well her baby daddy found it and thanks to Jerry’s sexting baby daddy punched him in the face.

If you’re new to the series and last night was your first episode, I have to tell you, it’s not quite up to snuff in my opinion. Still perfectly fine but not as good as last week and definitely not as good as next week looks. I saw the preview and I’ll just say one thing: The path of true love never did run smooth. And yes that was a quote.

In closing, I think I made my choice. I pick Swarek. So having said that, I have a couple of questions for Ben Bass (that’s the actor that plays Swarek in case you’re wondering). Are you married? Do you have a problem with dating younger women (decade wide age gap)? I think I saw somewhere that you’re vegetarian; if we date do I have to give up steak? Please say no.


And with a promise that my next post (after Harry Potter) will be a book review, I give you my 2¢ for today.


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