This book, by English writer Kylie Fitzpatrick, started out quite promising: Mystery, murder, Victorian London and best of all – diamonds. But despite my love of gemstones of all types and of period novels, I did not enjoy the book. With a flat narrative, stilted dialogue and two dimensional characters, I found very little to recommend the novel to others. And I feel just awful about it; this is my first review by request (not by the author thankfully) and it’s my first negative review. If you’ve read this book and enjoyed it, or if you haven’t, please tell me what it was about The Ninth Stone that you liked/didn’t like. Perhaps I missed something in my reading, but I’m afraid that I can’t recommend it as a good read.

Also, this doesn’t mean that Fitzpatrick is a bad author. I’m only referring to this one book. For example, I’ve been carrying on a summer love affair with James Patterson and his Women’s Murder Club books and have recently moved on to the Alex Cross novels. ( Click here to read my review of the WMC books.) I took a break however to read Hide and Seek. I did not like it one bit. The narrative style of the book was that of journal entries or of the character speaking directly to the reader. This does work at times and can be quite effective, but in this case, I didn’t connect with the novel or the character at all and kept waiting for it to get better – which it did not despite my sticking with it to the last page. That doesn’t mean that I won’t read another of his novels and the same can be said for Kylie Fitzpatrick. Everyone is allowed one stinker.

Having said that, please don’t let that keep you from sending me your requests.

On a more positive note, I have purchased my tickets for Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2 for next weekend. Which means that I, like thousands of others, will give you my opinion about the conclusion of this iconic series before the close of the weekend.


With that you have my 2¢ for today.

~ by leslies2cents on July 6, 2011.

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