Why I Would Choose Data Over Spencer Reid

If you aren’t a fan of Star Trek and/or Criminal Minds/Matthew Gray Gubler – and you should be – or you’ve never watched a movie or a TV show and gone, “wow that guy/girl is hot!” then this post is probably not for you, so feel free to skip on down to the last thing I posted.

I happen to think that Matthew Gray Gubler (hereafter referred to as MGG) is super hot and a couple of my friends agree, but one in particular really likes him and maintains that she’d leave her boyfriend for him and even fight me for him. But there’s a difference between us and it’s a distinction I think is often lost on people as we get caught up in the fantasy of TV and movies. This friend of mine always refers to him as Spencer Reid rather than as MGG. And so the last time we had this argument I said, you know what, if the choice is Spencer Reid, you’re welcome to him; I would sooner go out with Data. Well, even though she’s also a Trek fan she was appalled, absolutely appalled that I would say that. “Why? How could you possibly choose an android over a living breathing guy?”

It’s actually quite simple if you know anything at all about the two characters. Take Reid first. He’s super smart, a genius actually, he has a great memory (so he should never forget birthdays or anniversaries etc.) he’s really good looking, carries a gun and has a sexy-sounding job. That’s his plus column. In the negatives you’ve got the fact that he’s inexperienced, oblivious, socially awkward to the extreme and unassertive. For me that means the character’s appeal on a romantic field is not very high. Data (Brent Spiner) on the other hand has had relationships, is experienced and while he cannot feel human emotions (previous to getting his emotion chip in First Contact) he feigns them very well and because he is so determined to be  more human, he observes closely enough that I think he’d make a better boyfriend than Reid. Plus, he never sleeps, so he’ll always have time for you, even after a double shift.

As wacky as this all sounds, I think my argument makes a weird kind of sense. Although I will still say that should MGG knock on my door tomorrow, I would definitely give him a chance – after all, I may know Spencer Reid, but I’ve never met him.

Check back on Friday for my post about the second season opener of Rookie Blue.


And that is my TMI 2¢ for today.


~ by leslies2cents on June 22, 2011.

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