X-Men: First Class

I don’t think of myself as a comic book fan, but I have been a fan of X-Men since the days of the 90s cartoon. So I was pleased as punch when the first movie came out (although I did wish for Gambit and I thought Halle Berry did her best to ruin everything). At the end of X2, when the impression of the phoenix appears on the water, I was ecstatic. Then they let me down with the third movie and I don’t think we need to even speak about the embarrassment that came next. So when I heard about the reboot, I was both leery and hopeful; I crossed my fingers and prayed my atheist butt off for a good movie.

Yesterday was Father’s Day and like we always do, we celebrated with a movie and a meal. In this case, X-Men First Class. On the whole, I have to say I was very pleased, though I did find McAvoy’s head touching whenever he used his powers absolutely awful. Whose idea was that? It was LAME! Don’t do it again. I loved Eric Lensherr/Magneto (played by Michael Fassbender). In the trailers I didn’t get the same impression (I’ve always had no trouble being on Professor X’s side) as I did when watching the movie. I found Fassbender’s Magneto to be undeniably sexy and charismatic in the extreme. He makes it seem not only plausible but almost right to believe as he does. Since I haven’t seen anything else he’s in, I don’t know if that’s Fassbender’s own personality shining through or if he’s just a terrific actor, but it was very easy to see, by his portrayal, why mutants would flock to his/Magneto’s banner.

Note to Jennifer Lawrence (Mystique). I think you looked fantastic in this movie because you weren’t too thin. I know that in your role for The Hunger Games you’re probably going to have to thin down so that you can look unhealthy/underfed, the way Katniss is depicted. I am pleading with you not to keep that level of thinness. You look good now. You look real and attractive. If you keep the thin, you’ll look like a crackhead, so be careful.

And Beast/Hank McCoy! I spent half the movie trying to figure out where I’d seen you before. It was finally his mouth that gave the guy away. It’s Nicholas Hoult, the kid from About a Boy. Congrats, you’ve gone from awkward to a cutie.

Let’s address the plot; the whole Cuban Missile Crisis thing. I know some people were down on it for being antiquated. As my bro pointed out though, it was perfect for the reboot because when X-Men comics were originally coming out, this was the world they were living in, and these were the issues they were dealing with. I thought it very appropriate to the reboot because it gives them so much future material to deal with.

All in all, this X-Men fan is very happy with the results and looking forward to more X-Men of this caliber.

And with that you have my just-a-human 2¢ for today.


~ by leslies2cents on June 20, 2011.

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