Now that summer, with its hazy days and lazy nights is here, we have a couple of choices. We can curl up in the blessed air conditioning and watch reruns of our favourite shows, or try out some of the summer season shows, like Rookie Blue (check back for my review after the June 23rd season premiere) or we can turn to books, which is my personal favourite way to while away these extra hours of daylight. Whether you’re spending time at the cottage, going camping or just commuting back and forth to work, First to Die is a good way to pass the time.

It’s the first in the series of the Women’s Murder Club books by James Patterson. For all that it’s about murder and death, not to mention the grave illness of one of the primary characters, I found First to be a light and fun read; easy to get through and extremely entertaining. The characters are written with understanding, a subtle (and at times not so subtle) edge of feminism and excellent backstopping. The story is told with an easy pace, an excellently staged climax and a great twist. All in all, a much more satisfying evening than watching CSI reruns or The Bachelorette. A great summer read, I look forward to finding out what case Lindsay et al will set out to solve next time. Always open to your opinions.


That’s my short and sweet 2¢ for today.

~ by leslies2cents on June 9, 2011.

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