The Mentalist Season Finale

Red John vs. Patrick Jane. For two hours. I’m making little girl squealing noises in my head right now. I hope Grace’s man bites it and she gets back with Rigsby. Did you see his confession of love? Who wouldn’t want him over anyone else? Incidentally, Owain Yeoman tops my freebie five.

The Mentalist is another show that puts more stock in intelligence than in flashes and bangs. A message on the car window? Clever.

It’s funny, I love the character Jane, but if confronted with the real life version, I’m almost certain I would react the same way so many characters do on the show. And therein lies some of the show’s appeal. We enjoy watching others be frustrated and driven half crazy by a man like Jane, so long as it’s not us.

Three years/seasons with cops and he doesn’t even bring a freaking flashlight! Another thing to love about Jane, his particular brand of naiveté. And the bad buy got the jump on Lisbon and now she’s wearing a bomb. Cut to commercial before we can do more than sputter in disbelief. I love/hate when they do things like that. Which of course is the reaction they’re going for. The manipulate us. We love them for it and we hate them for it, but most of all, we are entertained by it.

Bug is the bomber? (Don’t know the actor’s name, but that was his character’s name on Crossing Jordan.) He can’t be Red John though, so where’s Red John?

LaRoche just killed Bug. Claims he had no choice, but there’s something suspicious about that dude. Interesting ending to the case though. Not that I really believe this is the end.

Lisbon in a dress? I don’t think I’ve ever seen her in anything remotely feminine let alone a floaty, pink bridesmaid’s dress….hilarious!

I missed the episodes where Hightower was accused of murder and went on the run a lot. But somehow it also means that Red John is after her too? Why? Damnit, I hate it when I miss stuff! Why did she try to kill Jane before? Someone catch me up. And why is she holding a gun on Jane now?

She’s going to turn herself in and that’s somehow messing up Jane’s plan to catch Red John’s CBI accomplice. I didn’t even know he had one. Grr.

Jane’s coming clean to the rest of the team about his meeting with Red John and the attempted theft at LaRoche’s. A list of suspects, that’s what Jane tried to have stolen. What’s with LaRoche’s eyes? Is that natural or a character affectation? It’s creepy. So the suspects are the media lady, Director Bertram, an ADA and Craig, Grace’s man. (Please be him!)

I should feel bad for Grace but Craig is a coward and I like Rigsby way better so I’d love to see Craig gone. Ok, I’ve tried not to let this influence me, but Eric Winters (the actor who plays Craig) looks like an 18 year old kid. Ok, maybe 21. But the point is that he doesn’t look like a real adult man so it’s really hard to see him fitting with an adult woman. Just a pet peeve of mine. He is pretty though.

I knew it! Red John’s helper is Craig. Sorry, that was a major spoiler if you missed last night’s episode. Now I feel bad for Grace though. He may not have loved her, but she loved him and had to shoot him.

Red John revealed. I actually thought Patrick might let him get away. I’m so proud of him for not doing it, despite his hatred for guns. An eye for an eye.  A life for a life and justice is served. But where does that leave The Mentalist? Jane’s nemesis is gone; he’s murdered him actually. Will he counsel them from jail? I’m not sure how much luck they’re going to have with an affirmative defence. It is the US though, so maybe the fact that the guy did have a gun will be enough for a temporary insanity defence or even self-defence. I guess we wait till September to find out. Great end to the season so far. I’d even go so far as to say best episode of the series.

And that’s my 2¢ for today.


~ by leslies2cents on May 20, 2011.

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