Criminal Minds Season Finale

So I just read the little blurb on the TV and it says JJ rejoins the team. Could it be true? Are they giving me something back? These TV blurbs aren’t always to be trusted.

Yikes, budget cuts – a little late with that don’t you think? But anyone from the team could leave or be taken they’re saying – Please take Seaver! – but they get called away on a case before we get details.

I love Criminal Minds because at its heart, beneath all the death and the gore and the evil, it’s very cerebral. It’s just another cop drama and yet it isn’t. |I also like that there isn’t a lot of extraneous details about their personal lives. Every once in a while they dole some fact out like a reward to the faithful. But for the most part they focus on the cases. And what creative, well-written cases they are. They don’t always get their man (or woman or team) but they mostly win against the dark and though they have their days, they’re more on than they’re off.

“Special Guest Star” that’s what they’re calling A.J. Cook (JJ). So much for her triumphant return. Looks like it’s just a cameo after all.

The visiting SSA Swan from Human Trafficking (Amy Price-Francis) is cropping up everywhere right now: The Chicago Code, King and now Criminal Minds. Wonder why she’s suddenly so popular. Human Trafficking, that’s what this episode is about and this is a tough subject. Guaranteed to be high impact with the audience.

Huh, so they’re hinting Garcia might go, that she’s had enough. And Kevin wants her to move to a farm with him. (Random.) That’s one.

Don’t forget that Hotch is covering for Strauss who (it’s been implied) is sick. That’s two.

Will they go through the whole team and make us wonder who is going to leave? Really? Just take Seaver and go!

Now that’s a twist. The victim is potentially the unsub. Was she turned or was she always this way? Looks like always. What kind of person can do these kinds of things to another person? Don’t answer that. Despicable. Disgusting. Deviant. Evil. Why aren’t there words enough to describe these people accurately?

And my team arrives in time! The young agent is wounded, but she’ll live. They got everyone but the top bitch is trying to make them think she’s a victim….she’s not smart enough for Rossi though. He catches some untruths. She knows the game is up, draws a gun on Rossi….and five minute after Rossi saved Morgan from a beating, Morgan shoots the bitch dead to return the favour.

At last, JJ. What the hell did she discuss with Rossi? And why with Rossi. WHAT? She’s coming back! YES! JJ is coming back!! And just like that (for five minutes anyway) I believe in god.

And that’s my 2¢ for today.


~ by leslies2cents on May 19, 2011.

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