NCIS Season Finale

It’s 7:30. All I can think is I have another half hour before I see what happens to Ziva. (The commercials show her knocked senseless by P2P). I haven’t seen tough Ziva for a while, soI really hope she wakes up and goes Mossad on his ass and kills him. Now 27 minutes to wait. Nineteen. I feel like I’m stuck in some absurdly slow-moving countdown.

Oooh, P2P is bad. Left Barrett in a trunk, suffocating, for Gibbs to find. And Ziva’s ex-boyfriend CI-Ray might be in danger. That bastard Vance knows more than he’s telling. You know, I never warmed to him after Jenny died.

Ok, you know what? This was a great episode of NCIS and I’m not going to ruin it for you with further spoilers. But what did you think? I want to know.

Does anyone remember anymore that NCIS was a Jag spinoff? Even I forget sometimes. It’s a show that’s gotten better each season and I don’t see #9 being an exception.

This ain my 2¢ for today; up next, the NCIS: Los Angeles review.

~ by leslies2cents on May 18, 2011.

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