Life After Prentiss

(I know I promised Harry Potter next but I’m still re-reading books 6 & 7 so you’ll just have to wait for next week. In the interim, what’s the use of having a blog if I can’t vent about my favourite show, Criminal Minds, and how season 6 seems to be devoted to destroying the best show on TV.)

I’m just not sure the show can survive the recent cast changes. Now first off, let me just say that cast changes are nothing new for the show but when they finally got a team that really worked, they should have just continued to leave well enough alone. But they didn’t. This year has marked a disturbing decrease in the female cast members, which as a female viewer in the hard to get demographic (I’m 31) I can say with confidence that you really shouldn’t be screwing around with what we like. But I digress, so let me get back to the cast changes. First there was the unexpected dismissal of A.J Cook who played JJ. Was I pissed when she was suddenly kicked off? Hell yeah! And not just because I’m Canadian and so is the actress. Did I sulk? You’re damn right I did! But I got over it because I still had the rest of the team and the show still worked.

But now they’ve taken Prentiss too. This week was the second episode after her “death”. And the show is lacking. I’m not sure I can express how truly disappointed I am. And it’s not lacking because they’re all grieving for Prentiss. It’s lacking because the cast chemistry is off. So, head’s up producers of Criminal Minds, I hope you’ve got your listening ears on today because I’m going to tell you exactly how to recover from this colossal blunder. It’s actually rather easy.

Bring Prentiss back.

I’ll even go so far as to tell you how to do it. Next season, maybe make it the second and third episodes, just for the cliffhanger factor. It’s also an opportunity for JJ to come back, even as just a guest star, because they’ll need someone to blame for lying to them and making them think Prentiss has been dead all this time and they can’t blame Prentiss herself forever. So, picture a two-episode arc where they’re covering a major case and have Prentiss tell the story of how she got Doyle (personally I think she should kill him – to save the son of course) to Derek as they’re riding around in cars for the case. In this way we, the audience, can find out just what happened and Prentiss and Derek can start to mend their partnership.

As long as I’m giving advice, you should go ahead and get rid of Seaver too. I don’t care how you do it. I just want her gone. And I’m not alone. Send her back to school, give her a breakdown, a romance with Reid that leads to a transfer, kill her off, whatever. She’s weak and not capable of anchoring the team or filling the shoes left behind. This is not like when Elle was replaced by Prentiss, people aren’t going to get used to it and grow to like her. I was actually never all that attached to Elle and was much happier with Prentiss, but that could just be me.

One final note to Matthew Gray Gubler: Head north. I’m waiting.

And that is my 2¢ for today.


~ by leslies2cents on April 7, 2011.

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