Welcome to Leslie’s 2¢.

This blog will serve as a public expression of my opinions. Why would I do this you ask? Good question. I’m a very opinionated person; anyone who knows me will tell you that. And I’m usually pretty definite about those opinions, and ready to back them up. Plus, my friends really get tired of hearing about how great the newest book by X is. Also, I remember an English teacher who once told me “don’t tell me you understand, show me” and so this is also an opportunity for me to demonstrate my ability to write well and to effectively use a social media tool.

What can you expect to see? I read a little…say 40-45 books a year…so you can expect to read my opinion of various books. So if you’re an author (or an editor) feel free to ask for my opinion if you’re looking for someone who is unbiased and who will be (sometimes disturbingly and brutally) honest. It’s free! I may also review the occasional movie (or contrast movie vs. book) and sometimes I might give you my opinion on what’s happening in the world around us. You will not be treated to rants about my personal life, what I ate yesterday (unless I’m reviewing a particularly good/bad restaurant) or about the super cute thing one of my cats might have done the evening before.

My goal is to post something once a week. So please, check back often. If you agree with my opinion about something (or even if you don’t) or would like me to review a particular book, feel free to post a comment.

~ by leslies2cents on April 3, 2011.

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